Forest Machines

Grapple skidder hauling a load of logs
The rotating and leveling cabin increases improves ergonomics

Leveling cabin increases work comfort

Cabin faces the work area and the automatic leveling function allows the operator to sit upright even when the machine is on uneven terrain.

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Mitch Drummond

TimberManagerTM in Australia - significant efficiency in harvesting operations

John Deere’s TimberMaticTM Maps and Timber ManagerTM have proven a game-changer for Albury-based forestry contractor Mitch Drummond whose business has expanded from two to six employees in the past 18 months.

Planting machine

Planting seedlings for a better future

The Mechanized Seedling Planter is designed to be adaptable to different species and is intended to be used in different forestry markets around the world.

Forest machine operator

Creating a new forest machine takes passion and persistence

The productization of a new forest machine series is a multi-phase process that takes several years at the very least. A peek behind the scenes of the engineering work reveals a team that is inspired by problem-solving, passionate about their work and isn’t deterred by the fact that their handprint takes years to see.

John Deere full-tree simulator

Operator training in a risk-free environment

Our new Forestry Full-Tree Training Simulator offers cost-effective and efficient operator training in a risk-free environment — and without equipment wear and tear. Get up to speed on tracked harvesters and feller bunchers, and skidders. 

John Deere 803M feller-buncher

New Options and Updates to the M-Series

John Deere introduces new options and updates to the M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers, Harvesters, and Shovel Logger.

Powerful, Purpose-Built 768L-II Bogie Skidder

The six-wheeled John Deere 768L-II Bogie Skidder is a traction specialist designed to help you stay productive in wet conditions and on steep slopes. 

The cover of the In The Forest magazine 1/2023

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Customer magazines In The Forest and The Landing tell stories about customers and products all over the world.

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Joensuu factory flow line

Factory in Finland

The factory's total production volume since 1972 exceeds 35,000 forest machines.

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