X Series Combine Moving through crops

X-Series Combines

The John Deere X9 Combine features exceptional grain quality and unmatched harvesting efficiency. With its advanced technology and high-capacity design, the X9 sets a new standard for harvesting performance.

S-Series Combine Photo of Combine moving through crops

S-Series Combines

In any harvest conditions and with any operator, the John Deere S-Series Combines consistently deliver premium grain quality. These combines blend top-tier harvesting capabilities with intelligent technology to optimize every harvest.

T Series Combine Moving through crops

T-Series Combines

T-Series Combines ensure seamless, direct crop flow and boast the largest active separation in coarse-grain, walker combines. This Class 7 combine integrates conventional threshing technology with the Tangential Tine Separator, using straw walkers to delicately separate grain from the crop mat.

W-Series Combine Photo of Combine moving through crops

W-Series Combines

The W2 400 Combine delivers higher productivity for farms with small fields, ensuring reliable performance across various grains and terrains.

C-Series Combine Photo of Combine moving through crops

C-Series Combines

The C1 200 combine harvester, a versatile powerhouse designed to excel across a variety of crops and conditions. With a significantly larger seperation area than other combines in its class, the C1 200 sets a new standard for productivity and efficiency.

Corn Heads

Corn Heads

More acres, higher yields and hybrids with tougher stalks are real challenges at harvest. That's why our corn heads are robust enough to cut the toughest, thickest crop with ease to help ensure every kernel makes it inside the combine.



We’ve added new drapers to our lineup, to help you reduce loss, consistently maintain desired cut height and put more grain in your tank.  Now with a complete draper line that includes sizes from 25 feet to 50 feet, John Deere offers the biggest selection of draper heads for the widest range of crops and conditions.

Belt Pickup

Belt Pickup

No matter how rough the field or how thick the windrows, the BP15 Belt Pickup gives you smooth, complete gathering of windrowed grain, thanks to a variety of exclusive features and innovations.

Boost your Harvest Potential​

Boost your Harvest Potential​

Harvest at higher speed with a full header width. Make decisions on the go​ based on real-time crop analysis. Harvest valuable data for yield analysis​ and planning next year’s seed and planting. John Deere Precision Ag​ Technology will take your harvesting to the next level.​

CP770 ​

CP770 ​Cotton Picker

  • 13.6 L, 555 HP, 413.8 Kw engine
  • Up to 32.1Km per hour transport speed
  • 7.4Km per hour top harvest speed
  • Up to 20% greater fuel efficiency
  • 8% reduction in wrap and hauling costs


CS770 Cotton Stripper

  • 13.6 L, 515 HP, 384Kw engine
  • Up to 32.1 Km per hour transport speed
  • Available 8- and 12- row heads
  • 15% greater fuel efficiency
  • 12% reduction in wrap and hauling costs

CH570 Photo

CH570 Sugar Cane Harvester

John Deere exclusive floating crop divider and contour basecutter height-control technology reduces soil content and cane loss. Large, premium cab integrates the latest technology with unparalleled comfort.