Built Tough, For Tough African Conditions!

Our C1 200 combine offers versatile harvesting performance across a variety of crops, ensuring excellent grain quality and minimal losses in all conditions. Powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient John Deere engine, this combine is designed for maximum productivity with minimal maintenance requirements throughout the harvesting season.

John Deere 6B Tractor

Powered by a strong and reliable engine

The C1 200 combine is powered by a 6.8L John Deere PowerTech Engine, that delivers sufficient power to harvest in varying field conditions while offering best in class fuel economy. 400L polyethylene fuel tank get you even through the longest harvesting day without having to refill. This is 33% more fuel tank capacity compared to previous models.


Comfortable working environment

Operator comfort starts when accessing the cab via the newly designed rotating front ladder and ends with the multi-control joystick which is a great value-add that will make for an enjoyable harvesting experience. Equally pleasing are the full-color corner post display and the easy to control instrument panel. The multi-control Joystick provides the operator a smooth hydrostatic speed control, making headland turns easy, and conveniently let you operate other functions, such as swing in/out the unloading auger or raise and lower reel and header. The corner post display shows vital machine and harvesting parameters in real time which helps to display threshing or engine information conveniently.


Variety of header choices

Whatever your crop is, whatever your local conditions look like - you'll be able to perfectly tailor the headers to feed your C1 200 combine. The
C1 200 can be equipped with flexible or rigid headers. The rigid header is built for extra wear-resistance and delivers uninterrupted crop flow into the combine, even in tough and wet conditions. The flexible header is a great choice for harvesting low hanging soybeans pods. Additionally, a belt pickup is also offered to gather windrowed grains, as well as a corn header is offered for corn harvest.


Smooth and even feeding

The wide feederhouse (1040mm) ensures smooth and even feeding in all crop conditions. The floating drum on the feederhouse provides large areas of clearance for uninterrupted high volume crop flow. The closed front drum design ensures less wrapping and higher protection against stones and other foreign objects. The integrated stone trap protects the threshing system by effectively catching stones and is easily accessible for cleaning.


Excellent Threshing Quality

The large threshing cylinder with 8 rasp bars provides excellent threshing quality. The 118° concave wrap angle makes for a large effective threshing area to maximize threshing performance. This cylinder, complemented by the choice of a small wire or large wire concave, provides great threshing and separation in various crops and conditions. For rice, the C1 200 offers a dedicated spike tooth drum with spike tooth concave to guarantee best threshing performance.



The 3300 mm long tine separator with its large active separation surface produces huge inertia. A smooth crop flow designed without sharp turns or abrupt changes in direction reduces power consumption and guarantees excellent grain and straw quality to provide maximum returns per hectare.



With total 3.4 m2 of cleaning shoe area and a wide range adjustable fan speed , the C1 200 is ready to handle high crop flows. The openings of the chaffer and sieve can easily be adjusted according to grain size, crop moisture, chaff volume and other residue. The counter-direction movement of chaffer and sieve causes a self-cleaning effect and effectively avoids vertically stuck straw. 


Harvest more hectares per day

The large grain tank with 5500L capacity allows the operator to harvest more hectares per day without the need to frequently stop and unload. The extra fast top-unloading system provides 70% faster unloading speed compared to previous model 4.1m unloading height provides ample of clearance for safe on-the-go unloading, even for larger trailers.


Residue Management

The C1 200 combine has four fast rotating rows of 40 knives each and a stationary set of 39 counter knives. This provides better chopping quality and more versatility while harvesting different crops. As a result, the residue decays faster thereby returning minerals back to the soil.


Steel Track Ready

If you have the need for extra flotation and traction, for example when harvesting rice in paddy fields, you can order the C1 200 steel track ready. Selecting this options will provide your C1 200 with additional chassis support structure, a separate 4WD drop box with adjusted gear ratios and other modifications for full compatibility with the popular steel tracks of the Brazil manufacturer Agro Maquinas.


Go Through any terrain

The simple driveline with tough, hard-wearing components and fewer moving parts is the reason for our legendary reliability. Enjoy the comfort and precise controls of the C1 200 hydrostatic ground drive. The mechanical drive shaft ensures 100% of the torque input reaches the rear wheels. It also improves uptime, increases service friendliness, and reduces lifetime cost.


Simple and easy access for maintenance

Operators and technicians can easily access engine compartment and other combine sections such as fuel tank, grain tank, air filters etc. and perform regular maintenance or repair work. Regular maintenance keeps combine in good health and the combine runs smoothly throughout the harvesting season.


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