Tractor Attachments

Tractor Parts And Attachments

Accomplish more work with less effort.

You spend a significant amount of time in your tractor. So naturally, you want it to be equipped for maximum comfort and productivity. We can help. Our wide range of accessories enables you to see and feel better, stay safer and make short work of a long day.

Tractor Attachments

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Make work a pleasure

On many days you spend a lot more time in your tractor than at home. That’s why your cab should be comfortable, well equipped and suited to your individual requirements. Ideally, it will even have some of the amenities you enjoy “after work”. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of cab accessories.

Stainless Steel Heat Protection
Add a bit of contemporary styling to your tractor with a high quality, heavy duty stainless steel heat protector that fits over the exhaust pipe.
Available for 5020, 5R, 6020, 6030 Premium, 7030 Premium Series tractors.
Stainless steel heat protection
Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe Plus Heat Protection
Personalize your John Deere tractor with a stainless steel exhaust pipe plus heat protection. The stainless steel parts are produced according to the high-standard John Deere quality, ensuring durability and a long service life.
Available for 6M, 6R Series tractors.
Stainless steel exhaust pipe plus heat protection


A new tractor seat is one of the best investments you can make for your health and working efficiency. We offer a range of replacement seats from the Super Air Comfort Seat to the award-winning Active Seat. Talk to your local dealer who will be happy to explain all the features in more detail and give you a demonstration.
Super Air Comfort Seat, Active Seat
Seat Cover
We offer two types of seat cover: tailor-made and universal. Tailor-made covers will fit your seat perfectly for a long lasting protection. Visit your dealer to find the cover, that fits your seat!
Seat Cover
Seat Animation
The multi-functional John Deere Seats are very easy to adjust to all your needs to feel at home in your tractor. See the seat animation to learn more about the different settings.

View Seat Animation


Electric Fridge
With its 5 litre capacity our electric fridge has storage for enough drinks and food for a long day in the field. A 12 volt socket is supplied for easy installation and it’s equipped with a separate on/off switch which means it only runs if the engine is on. So there’s no chance of a flat battery if you accidentally leave it on overnight. It can also be installed in combination with FieldOffice storage to create a fully integrated work and refreshment station.
Electric fridge 


Field Office
Make your office in the field as productive as possible, The Field Office provides a place to store important documents, operator’s manuals, mobile phones and even a laptop computer. The lid can also be used as a writing or work surface. The base is prewired to accommodate electronic devices. At the end of the day, your Field Office converts into a removable briefcase, making it easy to keep your important paperwork with you.
Field office



Accessories Mounting Brackets
Available for mounting monitors, phones, radios and other accessories in one convenient location.
Accessories Mounting Brackets


Tablet & Mobile Holder
Incorporate your mobile phones, tablets, GPS and other devices easier than ever into your cab for a safe and secure usage and storage of these devices.

Mounting solution
Tablet & Mobile Holder


Electrical Sockets and Adapters
With so many gadgets – phones, MP3 players, implement controllers -it makes sense to have plenty of power sockets and adapters. The multi-power outlet socket is easily installed and operates up to six 12 volt accessories simultaneously.
Electrical Sockets and Adapters


Four adapter options accommodate additional needs:
  • 3-wire standard connector for hardwiring components
  • Cigarette lighter-style adapter
  • 3-pin adapter (round)
  • 3-pin adapter (flat)


Floor Mats
Give your cab that new-look again with genuine replacement floor protection mats.
  • Cut to measure with John Deere logo
  • The Genuine Advantage: Beige colour matches cab interior finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Constructed from hard-wearing needle felt
  • Resistant to high pressure washing with cold water
Floor Mats



Leave nothing out of sight

Increase visibility and make maneuvering implements through tight spaces easier with help of the following attachments.

External Rear View Mirrors
Large external mirrors provide improved road safety and more accurate implement management. You can choose from manually or electrically adjustable telescopic mirrors. The electrical version is perfect for one-man operation.
External Rear View Mirrors


Hitch Observing Mirror
Get an excellent view of the rear hitch and implements. The mirror is installed on the right hand side of the rear window.
Hitch Observing Mirror


Sun Visors and Sunshades
Keep the sun out of your eyes with sun visors and sunshades that help reduce heat build-up in the cab. The sunshade can be installed on front or rear windows, plus the shade position is adjustable for maximum operator comfort.
  fltRight clearBoth


Rear Windscreen Wiper
Large wipers for your rear window enable good visibility, even during poor weather and muddy working conditions.
Rear Windscreen Wiper


CCTV Video Camera Systems
John Deere Video Camera Systems let you observe your daily work better and enable you to work more efficiently. You benefit from:
  • Reliable transport and operation: With Video Camera Systems cameras you have time to see bystanders and objects.
  • Maximum yield: Unloading auger, towed vehicle, bale ejection - you can selectively monitor work processes in and on the vehicle.
  • Less stress behind the controls: Whether ploughing, spraying, sowing, fertilising or harvesting, you can look forward and still see everything without straining. A camera to monitor operations behind the cab makes your job easier, contributing to a healthy working posture and improved productivity.
CCTV Video Camera Systems


Do you wish your John Deere tractor could do more? Perhaps you have changed your farming practices or bought a tractor second hand. It is possible to upgrade your John Deere so you can benefit from better productivity no matter what.


With correct ballasting you will get maximum tractor performance as it helps to put more power to the ground, positively impacts fuel consumption, traction and ride comfort. The proper amount of ballast will depend on the tractor’s horsepower, its ground speed during field draft applications and the type of implement being used.

Front Quik Tach Weights
Can easily be mounted/dismounted to the front weight support. They support an optimized weight distribution between rear and front axle, as the amount of weights being used can easily be adapted to current requirements of the application.
Front quik tach weights


Pick-up Weights
Are the most versatile ballasting solution. They are available with 900 kg, 1150 kg, 1500 kg, 1800 kg. They can be mounted directly on the front weight support (900 kg and 1150 kg). When using the centre link bracket (already included in 1500 kg, 1800 kg version) pick-up weights can also be installed on the rear hitch and front hitch for improved traction.
Pick-up weights


Rear Wheel Weights
Can be mounted on the outer side of steel or cast wheels. On cast or heavy-duty cast wheels they can also be mounted on the inner side. Weight carrying capacities of the tyres must always be observed.

Learn more about the John Deere ballasting range
Rear wheel weights


Dual-Beam Radar Sensors
Monitor your wheel slip accurately with a dual beam radar sensor:
  • Save fuel
  • Avoid soil compaction
  • Increase your tractive performance
  • Improve your efficiency
Dual-Beam Radar Sensors


Headland Management System (HMS/iTEC):
Is a feature that allows the operator to record or setup a sequence of actions. Field work has never been easier or more productive.
  • Reduces operator fatigue - multiple tractor functions are sequenced into one button
  • Accurate performance
  • Easy to use
Headland Management System (HMS/iTEC)


Track Extensions
If you're planting or spraying these track extensions let you cover more rows at once without affecting your cultivations or banks. There's no decrease in the allowable axle load either. The extended track also provides better support and stability for sprayers. Two different extensions are available and they are easy to assemble and quick to install. Depending on the overall tractor width you may require additional lighting and a warning sign.
Track extensions


Additional Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
Additional high capacity hydraulic reservoirs increase the amount of hydraulic oil at your disposal for demanding operations like tipping large trailers.
Additional Hydraulic Oil Reservoir


John Deere Front Hitch
For extended versatility the fully integrated John Deere front hitch and front PTO (power take-off) are also available for field installation on 6R and 6M Series tractors. The John Deere Cat. 3N front hitch is perfect for carrying ballast and front implement operation and offers a high lift capacity of 4,000 kg to ensure it's suitability with a wide range of heavy implements. In addition the John Deere front hitch comes with:
  • Locking device for safe transport and working conditions
  • Flow restrictor for drop speed regulation in hydraulic float position
  • Three positions for draft links (rigid, float, folded)
  • Draft links with quick coupler hooks
  • Towing point
  • Seven-pin trailer socket
  • Three center link positions
  • Vertical upper center link storage
  • Can be combined with the John Deere front PTO and is fully compatible with John Deere front loaders
  • Optional available: e.g. support for mower chains, hood protection, accumulator, two additional SCV couplers.
John Deere Front Hitch and Front PTO
John Deere Front PTO
The fully integrated John Deere front PTO is electro-hydraulically engaged with a switch on the right-hand console or CommandARM control. The John Deere front PTO features:
  • 1000 rpm with a perfect match between front and rear PTO speeds
  • Six-spline PTO shaft able to transmit 80 kw of power
  • Turning direction of the PTO output shaft is counterclockwise, facing the tractor from the front
  • Smooth modulated engagement for light or heavy implements
  • Hydraulically controlled PTO brake to avoid excessive implement overrunning
  • Integrated into iTEC Steering System/Headland Management
  • For easy connection of the drive shaft, the PTO stub shaft offers a 60 degree angle of rotation
John Deere Front Hitch and Front PTO


Your tractor and implements represent a major investment. That‘s why we offer a range of products that protect you and your hardware. We have everything you need to minimise risk while maximising efficiency.

The immobilizer is an electronic system, which prevents the tractor from unauthorized movement and vehicle theft. Each kit includes two immobilizer keys. If an unauthorized key is used, the tractor will shut down after start up and cannot be moved.


Lockable Caps
Lock the fuel tank or the transmission oil reservoir to prevent vandalism and expensive fluid mix-ups.
Lockable Caps


Door Lock Kit
Each kit includes door handles and a dedicated key. Blank keys can be ordered separately.
door lock kits


Turnable Front Fenders
Get the best manoeuvrability and protections with turnable front fenders. They offer the advantages of a wider steering angle and allow you to work in smaller spaces and make tighter turns. And you still get the protection from dirt and debris that traditional fenders provide.
Turnable front fenders


Rear Fender Side Extensions
Keep your cab clean and improve visibility with rear fender side extensions which are available in different sizes.
Rear Fender Side Extensions


Back-up Alarm
The alarm sounds a warning when the tractor is in reverse gear to keep those around safe.
Back-up alarm


Battery Disconnect Kit
The externally mounted Battery Disconnect Kit is ideal for preventing unintended use and to avoid battery drainage from monitors or radios left running.
Battery disconnect kit


Bottom Guard for Fuel Tank
Especially recommended for tractors that operate in adverse conditions (e.g. scrub, woodland, land reclamation). They are made of durable sheet metal located under the fuel tank to provide added protection.
Bottom Guard for fuel tank


Tool Box
For easy access to your tools in the field, add a John Deere tool box. They are tough, long-lasting, and make organizing your tools simple and convenient.
Tool Box


Front tool box
Lots of room, two removable shelves and innovative door and lid design.
Storage Container



Make good connections

Choosing the proper hitch for implement operations is serious business. Fortunately, our genuine hitches offer great reliability and are made from high-quality material complying with John Deere specifications. For transport operations a great variety of fixed, height adjustable, manually or automatically operated hitch versions is available.

Height-adjustable Wagon Hitches
Automatic wagon hitch 38 mm ball-pin, also available as extra wide version, e.g. for use with reinforced drawbars or truck trailers.
Height-adjustable wagon hitches
The height-adjustable ball-type and piton fix hitches are perfect for trailer operation and many other implement applications. When used in low position, they provide optimal traction and driving dynamics of tractor trailer combinations. Height-adjustable wagon hitches
The 3-in-1 Hitch System
Enables you to use trailers and implements requiring different hitch types. It includes a five position rail offering the usage of the following three functionalities:
The 3-in-1 hitch system
  • Manual or automatic height-adjustable wagon hitch
  • Ball-type or piton fix hitch insert (not height-adjustable), if required simultaneously with manual and automatic hitch
  • Drawbar when ball-type or piton fix insert is removed

In low position ball-type hitches allow pulling of implements with up to 4 t static vertical load, piton fix inserts allow 3 t static vertical load.

ball-type insert Piton fix insert
Ball-Type Insert Piton Fix Insert
Forced Steering Systems for Ball-type Hitches
Are available for ball-type insert and height-adjustable ball-type hitches, plus they are available for one side or both sides allowing the use of trailers with right hand or left hand forced steering system.
Forced steering systems for ball-type hitches

The advantages of forced-steering system:

  • Allow you to do tighter turns when using multi axle trailers
  • Increase soil protection
  • Decrease tire wear
  • Increase operator comfort - as there’s no requirement for locking the trailed axle when reversing or driving at high-speed on the road, because the trailer wheels will always align on the turn radius.

You chose John Deere because you wanted the best. So when it comes to servicing your machine it makes sense to only use genuine maintenance parts and lubricants which are designed and approved by John Deere.

Tractor Maintenance

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Filters are the heart of efficient performance. Because they have been designed specifically to work with your tractor, we strongly recommend that you only ever use genuine John Deere filters. Oil, fuel and air filters prevent harmful particles from entering the engine while also reducing fuel consumption. Dirty filters can increase fuel use by up to 5% per filter, so it makes sense to ensure you change your filters as soon as they come to the end of their effective life.

Find out more about filters



Every lubricant we offer is developed by expert John Deere engineers and ideally optimized to meet heavy-duty requirements. Our products not only upgrade your tractor performance, they also protect it from wear and prolong the life of your investment. It also helps to reduce maintenance costs by extending service and drain intervals.

  1. Hydraulic and transmission oil
  2. Transmission oil
  3. Greases
  4. Coolant
  5. Engine oil

Plus-50 II is an advanced engine oil designed to extend oil drain intervals, ensure a longer engine life and provide improved performance and protection in  Diesel engines, including low emission engines (Stage III B/ Stage IV).

Hy-Gard is a Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO). It is specifically formulated to protect both your John Deere transmissions, wet clutches, wet brakes and hydraulic systems. Hy-Gard is extensively tested both during and after its development to exceed the JDM J20C minimum standard.

Cool-gard II is the ideal coolant to protect against corrosion and deposits in both summer and winter conditions. It protects your cooling system up to 6 years or 6000 hours of service life.

Protect your equipment – protect your investment with genuine John Deere lubricants.



John Deere. Genuine for a reason.

We know your batteries have got their work cut out and you need them to perform even in tough conditions. That’s why John Deere batteries are built to extremely high standards and rigorously tested to our demanding specifications, which are based on machine requirements

StrongBox batteries – Outstanding technology meets the requirements of special applications.

If you need quality, performance and reliability, especially when facing extreme conditions off-road, StrongBox batteries are ideal. Proven to deliver better performance, they’re built using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology for heavy-duty applications.

Our battery promise

  • Meets John Deere requirements and quality standards
  • Superior starting performance, even under extreme operating conditions
  • Extreme vibration resistance
  • High charge and discharge durability, even when the engine is switched off
  • Improved energy delivery



Looks aren’t everything – but the better you look after your John Deere equipment, the better it will keep its value. From wipes and cleaning sprays to heavy-duty solvents and paints, we offer a complete range of products to keep your John Deere looking and working like new.

Even our paints work hard

Thinking of touching up or repainting your John Deere? Nobody makes green and yellow the way we do – because only John Deere paints are made to the original formula we use in the factory. For a perfect colour match every time, insist on genuine John Deere paints. Everything else is just green. Or yellow.


Genuine for a reason

Genuine for a reason

Protect your equipment with genuine parts that are designed and engineered to perform like no other. Our parts will maintain your machine’s performance and are backed up by our name.