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Logs in a pile
Aki Pyykkö

Creating a new forest machine takes passion and persistence

The productization of a new forest machine series is a multi-phase process that takes several years at the very least. 

Mechanized Seedling Planter

Planting seedlings for a better future

The Mechanized Seedling Planter is designed to be adaptable to different species and is intended to be used in different forestry markets around the world.

Jori Uusitalo

Precision harvesting is the future of logging.

Jori Uusitalo, Professor of Forest Operations and Logistics at the University of Helsinki, Finland, has built a new multi-targeted harvesting model in collaboration with his research team. He calls it precision harvesting.

John Deere 1510G and a tall crane lifting a man-carrier

Reaching out to the sky

Iceland is a large island with rugged landscape formed by volcanic eruptions over the country’s history. Landsnet’s maintenance crew packs into a big four-by-four drive vehicle and heads to a high-voltage power line on the mountains east of the city of Reykjavik.

John Deere 1910G in a mine equipped with minging applications

Going for gold

John Deere’s 1910G forwarder is a beast in the forest, but what do you call a 1910G in a gold mine?  It appears that 1910G is a real monster in a mining tunnel, too – as experiences from Finnish Lapland would suggest.