Aerial view of the Joensuu factory

Forest machine factory

in Joensuu, Finland

Key flagRauma-Repola established a machine shop in Joensuu, Finland, in 1972. One of the region’s most important competitive advantages was – and still is – the availability of a skilled and motivated workforce. In addition to forest machines, the Joensuu factory has produced excavators, road graders and rollers, and screens and feeders for crushing equipment. The factory has also performed subcontracting for other Rauma-Repola factories. Forest machine production started with forwarders in 1973. The annual output initially ranged from a few dozen to as many as one hundred units. Even today, the legendary Lokomo 909, 919 and 939 models of the 1970s and 1980s are remembered as the pinnacle of forest machine technology in their day.

The production of forest machines has been the exclusive focus at Joensuu since 1995. In the 1990s, the green forest machines became Timberjacks and remained as such until 2005 when the brand was changed to John Deere.

John Deere forwarders and harvesters have been awarded the right to use the Key Flag symbol. The Key Flag symbol indicates that the product has been manufactured in Finland. We are proud of the high Finnish commitment and quality. See a brief look at the development of machine models from the book about the history of the Joensuu factory.

Joensuun tehtaan tuotantolinjaa

Production line

The factory’s production capacity is eight machines per day, and the total production volume since 1972 exceeds 32,000 forest machines.

John Deere has plenty of know-how in the manufacturing of machines and equipment. This expertise is also used at the Joensuu factory when planning work methods. At the Joensuu factory, safety, precise work methods and tidiness are crucial for work efficiency and occupational safety.


Deere & Company has invested more than EUR 50 million in the Finnish forest machine business during this decade. [Note: press release is from 2019.] The latest investment, to expand the factory and increase capacity, is the biggest single investment in the Joensuu factory. The implementation of the investment started in summer 2019, and it will be completed in 2021.
The investment will improve and expand the Joensuu factory’s assembly and test drive facilities and will increase the component manufacturing capacity. The total amount of the investment is about EUR 15 million. ”This expansion will help us to better meet demand during strong economic cycles,” says Factory Manager Janne Haapasalo.

Press release 30.10.2019

Joensuu factory production line in the 1970s.

Forest machine production started with forwarders in 1973. Pictured is the factory’s production line in the 1970s.

John Deere 1510G forwarder is carrying logs in the forest

Our environment

Every John Deere forest machine manufactured in Finland has been produced with 100% renewable energy since 1.2.2020.

Customer group from Italy visiting Joensuu factory