Z994R DieselZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mower

  • 24.7 hp (18.4 kW) liquid-cooled diesel engine
  • ComfortGlide™ Suspension on all seat options
  • 11.5 U.S. gallon fuel tank (43.5 L)
  • 7-Iron PRO Deck available in 54-in. (137-cm), 60-in. (152-cm), and 60-in. (152-cm) MOD

Comfortable Operator Station

When you're mowing commercial properties all day long, you need to operate in comfort.

ComfortGlide™ Suspension

All three seat options on our Z994R feature our exclusive ComfortGlide suspension.

Cross-Porting Transmission

When you're mowing commercial properties in the heat of summer, you need a cool transmission.

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