6B Series Tractors


John Deere 6B Tractor

6Better Performance

Power to the ground

  • John Deere PowerTech engines meet high standards for reliable performance in tough agricultural conditions. The 6B model features turbocharged engines with a 40% torque rise and high-pressure injection for precise navigation in challenging terrains.
  • Transmission options include dry and wet clutch with gear configurations of 12x4 and 24x12. Power Reverser, Hi/Lo push button shifting and up to 40km/h transport speed increase productivity.
  • Radial tires featuring a significantly larger footprint, providing increased flotation. This results in reduced rolling resistance, minimized soil compaction, and enhanced yields. Experience a substantial improvement in driving comfort and tire durability with this advanced tire configuration.
John Deere 6B Tractor

6Better Versatility

Ready for any application

  • The 6B tractor has up to3 SCVs with 4 positions and a rear hitch lift capacity of up to 5,300 kg. It includes front and rear wheel weights for performance optimization. Additionally, a new option offers a 76l/min hydraulic pump and 1 SCV with adjustable flow/detent positions for diverse implement needs like a vacuum planter.
  • Enhancing versatility, the 6X6 creeper transmission allows for speeds as low as 0.19 km/h, ideal for applications that demand a slow speed range. Moreover, the 6B provides retrofit options for front hitch, front PTO, and air trailer brakes from third-party equipment sources.
  • For enhanced functionality, the 540M/H310 front loader package delivers exceptional maneuverability, clutch-free reversing, comfort, and easy control with an ergonomically positioned joystick, ensuring seamless operation and performance.
John Deere 6B Tractor

6Better Uptime

High performance and Easy maintenance

  • The PowerCore air filter secures full protection to the engine, up to 93% pre-cleaning, 4500h service interval for secondary air filter.
  • The 6B's wet clutch is engineered for a lifetime of use, requiring no maintenance and featuring self-adjusting capabilities. Additionally, it efficiently manages constant peak torque loads with ease.
  • The 6B boasts a significantly larger and sturdier rear differential and axle housing, premium inboard planetary gears, and rims over 4.5 times stronger. This design not only produces exceptional power but also ensures efficient power transfer to the ground.
6 Better Precisiona Ag

6Better Precision Ag

Manage your operation anywhere at anytime

  • Installing a John Deere AutoTrac Universal guidance system on your 6B will result in a notable increase in productivity of up to 14%, savings of up to 8% on input costs, and the potential for up to a 95% reduction in overlaps.
  • JDLink connects your 6B with you and your servicing dealer at anytime, anywhere.
  • Set up and manage your critical farm operations during off-season. Ensure tasks are carried out as planned, reducing in-field errors and increasing overall efficiency.
John Deere 6B Tractor

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