Premium Circle exclusive to John Deere Motor Graders

2024 marks three years since John Deere launched its factory-installed Premium Circle option for all John Deere G-Series and GP-Series motor graders. This revolutionary game-changer can only be found on John Deere machines.
John Deere offers customers a multiple circle options to choose from, with and without a slip clutch, whichever fits their operations best.  John Deere motor graders can be configured with the following circle options:

  • Single Input Circle which uses a single gearbox and is a good solution for customers rotating the circle under lighter loads.
  • Dual Input Circle which uses two hydraulic motor inputs and significantly improves the durability of the circle drive gearbox. The dual input circle provides similar circle rotate torque & speed as the single input circle and is recommended for applications that frequently rotate the circle under heavy loads.
  • Premium Circle is a John Deere exclusive fully sealed bearing style circle standard with slip clutch.
Premium Circle exclusive to John Deere Motor Graders.

The feature of the Premium Circle is designed to deliver higher productivity, increased uptime, and lower daily operating costs.Unlike a standard circle, which necessitates maintenance and wear insert replacements, the ‘Premium Circle’ is a game-changer. It boasts a completely sealed bearing system, eliminating the need for shoes, wear inserts, and jack screws. 

With the premium circle option, the traditional gearbox drive and circle is replaced with a fully sealed bearing. Compared to the traditional circle it offers a 40% increase in circle torque and 15% increase in circle speed which will reduce cycle times and improve productivity. This also means an increase in accuracy for customers who is using a grade control system on their motor grader.

Customers will appreciate the smoothness and tightness of the circle as this will lead to increased accuracy without having to shim inserts.

Low Daily Operating Cost
Customers will benefit from lower operating costs with no wear inserts to replace or maintain over the life of the machine.



Premium Circle exclusive to John Deere Motor Graders
  • Maintenance takes minutes by greasing the bearing every 500 hours.
  • The circle gearbox oil change interval was also increased from 2000 hours to 4000 hours.
  • The pinion and circle teeth are also completely sealed from dirt and debris to minimise wear.

By eliminating the need for time-consuming maintenance and providing enhanced speed and torque, the Premium Circle significantly boosts productivity and reduces downtime for contractors and government sectors alike.