Introducing John Deere Construction's Performance Tiering Strategy to Africa

Building on a decade of success, the same tiering strategy that revolutionised our Ag & Turf Divisions is now being embraced by the John Deere Construction Division, marking a new milestone in our commitment to progress.

Our Performance Tiering Strategy provides a range of solutions, each representing a spectrum of capabilities and specifications at various price points. This approach ensures that our products align precisely with the specific requirements of our customers' operations, including application lifespan, performance, serviceability, comfort, and innovation.

Current Tiers Available for the African Market:

  • G-Tier: Our G-Tier models are the embodiment of the rugged and reliable construction machinery that you've come to expect from John Deere. These models deliver value and capabilities, ideal for standard construction tasks that demand durability.
  • P-Tier: For those who need to sustain high-level performance consistently, the P-Tier offers advanced features that excel in efficiency, comfort, and longevity. These machines are engineered for demanding, high-output applications and are succinctly summarised as offering "Exceptional Performance."

The designations G and P are not acronyms; they do not stand for specific terms. Instead, they are part of a deliberate sequence that represents the range from fundamental to advanced tiers, in alphabetical order. While not every tier will be available for each product initially, the tiers that we offer are tailored to address distinct application requirements and customer expectations.

Each tier is characterised by a unique combination of application lifespan, performance, serviceability, innovation, and comfort — designed to meet diverse needs without compromising on the quality and support synonymous with John Deere.

With John Deere Performance Tiering, you don’t have to cater your work to the machine.

Instead, we have the right machine to get the work done for you.