John Deere Africa Middle East Unveils the New 410P Articulated Dump Truck


Setting New Standards in Efficiency and Versatility

[South Africa, 4 May 2024] — John Deere Africa Middle East proudly announces the addition of the 410P-Tier Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) to its robust product line. This new model, building on the legacy of the well-known larger 460P-Tier, introduces cutting-edge features designed to enhance productivity and operational efficiency across construction, mining, and quarrying industries.

Advanced Performance and Engineering Excellence

The 410P-Tier ADT boasts significant advancements in technology and design, enhancing its performance and user experience. It is equipped with a powerful John Deere PowerTech™ 6135 engine, delivering a net power of 329 kW (441 hp) at 1,700 rpm, ensuring high efficiency and reliability under various load conditions. The truck’s rated payload stands at 37,266 kg with a heaped capacity of 22.9 cubic meters, tailored for high-volume hauling tasks.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Usability

The focus of innovation from John Deere is evident in the 410P’s range of onboard features designed to simplify operations while maximizing safety and productivity:

  • Three Drive Modes: Including Eco, Normal, and Traction settings, allow operators to adapt the truck’s performance to different environments, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing tire and axle wear.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Achieves up to 12%* fuel savings in Eco mode compared to previous models, blending performance with sustainability.
  • Operator-Centric Design: The redesigned cab offers enhanced comfort and ease of operation, with advanced diagnostics and intuitive controls that reduce operator fatigue and increase focus on task handling.
  • Dump Body: Optimized for better material retention and stability, the dump body design facilitates easier loading and reduces spillage, improving cycle times and safety on site.

Availability and More Information

The 410P-Tier ADT is now available for order from our dedicated Construction and Forestry dealerships across Africa and the Middle East. For additional information on features and dealer locations, please visit the John Deere website.