Experience the Difference: Morocco


There is something uniquely special about a test drive; research, comparisons, decisions, and anticipation, all culminating in an exhilarating experience to confirm expectations and choice.

In September 2022, John Deere Africa Middle East had the privilege to make this opportunity available to customers. In collaboration with colleagues at Pune and Mannheim and local Dealer SOCOPIM S.A, John Deere hosted the sub-region's first-ever customer event in Morocco. This mega-event, dubbed “Experience the Difference – Morocco”, saw 300 customers on John Deere tractors vis-á-vis competitor offerings.

 The Event
 Invited to “test the best”, attendees could experience the reliability of the John Deere 5E and 5D 3-Cylinder Tractors by test-driving the John Deere 5075E tractor and a comparable competitor product (with similar HP and work hours to be as comparable as possible), to experience first-hand what truly gives John Deere equipment the EDGE.

Why This Event?
In the current climate, sustainability, precision, reliability and efficiency have become pivotal to a successful operation. In the agricultural industry, farmers have also become more acute and precise with every pass of their field, from the strength it takes to be successful each season to the innovations needed to provide food, fuel and fiber for the next generation. Jean Elloh, John Deere Division Sales Manager for West and North Africa, added that Morocco is one of the company’s important growth countries and, as such, remains a top priority when it comes to giving farmers the opportunity to experience the John Deere EDGE.

The Choice of John Deere Tractor
The John Deere 3-Cylinder Tractors are built to last and spotlight different unique features that overcome those of competitors. With its reliable engine used in 110 different countries by approximately 1,000,000 customers, 37.7% backup torque, a regular splash lubrication system that ensures proper lubrication and enhances the overall engine performance, a high power density engine (26hp per liter), the lowest Failure Per Machine (FPM) in the industry (0.02°), and with 3,240 customers surveyed on engine performance resulting in an 87% highly satisfied rate, it’s no surprise that this machine was chosen for customers to test drive.

The Results
Based on the day's tests and the performance of the 5075E compared to a competitor version, it was determined that:

  • John Deere is more sustainable for affording higher productivity with lesser turning radius (3.2m with brake), which reduces operator fatigue and fuel consumption. The competitor product had a higher turning radius (3.6m with brake), ultimately resulting in lesser productivity.
  • The hydraulically actuated disk brakes from John Deere offer self-adjusting and self-equalisation, unlike the competitors' mechanical brakes.
  • In contrast to its competitors, the John Deere piston spray jets lubricate the pistons, piston pins, and rings for longer engine life, while the transmission top shaft maintains positive lubrication.
  • As a result of the John Deere turbocharged engine's better response to fluctuating load conditions, fuel efficiency is improved, along with the planetary reduction, which ensures equal load distribution between the gear and axle, resulting in greater reliability, being able to support heavy loads and ensuring longer gear and axle life, in contrast to the competitor with bull type reduction.
  • The John Deere tractor is more fuel efficient, has fewer parts and uses less engine oil than its competitors, and has a long-lasting polymer hood. Therefore, its maintenance costs are lower than those of its competitors.
  • What's more, the John Deere tractor does not rust, the paint does not chip, and it can withstand exposure to the weather. The materials used by the competition tractor hoods can be scratched, leading to rust. It is highly likely that it will show its age sooner.

 In summary, John Deere is economical in terms of time and fuel, both reliable and comfortable on tough terrains, and easy to use with low-cost ownership. This event proved that John Deere tractors are the top choice for customers.

Performing in All Areas
The John Deere tractors, however, were not the only high achievers at this event. Every team member was supportive and driven to ensure a successful event. The cohesiveness and collaboration within the team were tangible from the event planning stages in June until its execution in September.

Regardless of language, cultural and other demographic differences, the John Deere team brought their Higher Purpose to life with their cultural dexterity. Everyone on the team demonstrated to the dealers and customers that they run so life can leap forward at John Deere.

Thank you to the John Deere dealers, staff, partners, and attendees who joined this fantastic event. To every customer, thank you for making John Deere part of your growth and success.