BREAKING NEWS: John Deere Introduces New Articulated Dump Truck To Southern Africa Market

  • The 460E-II Articulated Dump Trucks incorporate features and an enhanced design, positively impacting machine productivity and ease of use. 
  • The 460E-II ADT consume up to 7% less fuel due to reduced weight and improved hydraulic efficiency.

BOKSBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 26 July 2022 - Designed with the demands of today's job site in mind, John Deere introduces the new 460E-II Articulated Dump Truck (ADT). This John Deere-designed machine delivers ultimate productivity with a redesigned wider dump body, electrical and hydraulic systems, and new drive modes to help you get the job done in various conditions. John Deere can proudly say that this machine is built for the long haul.

The E-II Trucks combine the most popular features of the E-Series line with customer-driven performance and operation enhancements, resulting in a machine that is easier and more cost-effective to operate.

Built to Maximise Performance

A vital feature of this machine is the redesigned dump body, which is wider and has a lowered and levelled rail height to improve material retention and allow it to be easily loaded. Additionally, the bin rail features an angled top, helping to reduce material spillage while travelling. 

The 460E-II model is also available with a new ejector body solution. This solution allows operators to spread a load over a given area and can be used in areas with overhead powerline concerns or where the risk of rollover is high due to steep grade unloading.

Improved Fuel Consumption 

The three drive modes available on the 460E-II ADT help optimise the drivetrain, reduce inputs from the operator, and enable easy customisation. 

Normal modefor everyday operation reduces fuel burn by up to 7% compared to existing models. In contrast, Eco mode, when conditions allow, conserves fuel by managing engine power delivery and optimising transmission response for those conditions, improving fuel consumption by up to 12% compared to Normal Mode.Traction modeoptimises differential lock for maximum tractive effort in soft and slippery ground conditions.

The new wheel-speed sensors also provide a more accurate reading than the ground-speed radar to confirm the traction-boosting auto-differential lock engages when needed. 

With these modes, your operation will save fuel costs and help reduce your operation's environmental impact.

Designed For Durability

The John Deere 460E-II Articulated Dump Truck axles are designed for heavy-duty and longer life. They are lubricated, filtered, and cooled to extend their service life, while the spring-applied, hydraulic-released park brake is also highly reliable.

The inboard wet-disc brakes run cool, clean, and unexposed. The braked axles are each force cooled and filtered separately. The cooling oil is separate and not shared, ensuring that cross-contamination is never possible. 

Combined with the strong transmission retarder, they help deliver consistent stops and maximum brake life.

Improved Reliability

The hose and wire routing on the ADT has been simplified to reduce rubbing and improve reliability, whilst the factory-installed auto lube further boosts uptime and reliability.

The redesigned electrical and hydraulic systems maximise machine uptime with a 10-percent reduction of electric and hydraulic routings, further reducing leak points and improving reliability. 

Safety First

Whether you're operating at a mine, quarry or aggregate operation, safety comes first. The John Deere 460E-II ADT features a number of safety features that help keep operators out of harm's way, such as; remote park-brake release, rollover protection, ground-level service, and auto horn.

With rollover protection, operators can set limits for the rear-chassis level when unloading. If the limit is exceeded, the dump body will not raise, and an alert message will appear on the monitor.

Comfort is Key

This model's updated operator station includes features that promote increased productivity and all-round comfort. One of the most notable features is the single switch model, reducing the number of switches by 25% compared to previous models. 

The quiet, pressurised Deere-designed cab also features a new, easy-to-read monitor and  rear-camera display, along with options such as premium heated/ventilated seat and  automatic temperature control (ATC) system.

To learn more about the new 460E-II ADT and the full John Deere construction equipment line, visit www.deere.africaor contact your local dealer.

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