News Release

Hentie Breedt
Marketing Manager and Communications Manager, John Deere Africa & Near Middle East

John Deere machinery touches African soil for the first time

  • John Deere Africa Middle East’s further expansion on construction and mining products.
  • Additional models include: Backhoe Loader, Wheel Loader, Dozers and Skid Steer range and completely new the Articulated Dump Trucks.
  • JDLink™ telematics solution for construction and mining machinery, which help remotely monitor and track fleet operations.

BOKSBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (September 13, 2021) – Since our announcement in March 2021 on the expansion of our construction equipment into Sub-Saharan Africa, we have added an additional 9 machines to our line-up of already existing 17 machines we offer to the market.

In addition to our 315SL Backhoe Loader, which is an excellent machine suited for operations in confined spaces, we have also added the 310L Backhoe, a more general-purpose machine. The 310L runs a 63kw engine, 4 speed PowerShift Transmission, with a digging depth of 4.2 meters, loading height of 3.1 meters and a bucket capacity of 0.96cu.m.

The 744L Wheel Loader, an addition to the current 5 models already offered to the market, is designed with the mining and quarry customer in mind. This model runs a 236kW engine, 3.8 to 5.25 cu.m bucket capacity range and an operating weight of 25.3 tons. This large-scale wheel loader delivers the performance, reliability, and comfort you need to stay productive.

Alongside the John Deere 850J-II Dozer, we have added the 750J-II, which both run in the same playing field. We did not hold back this time now also introducing the 950K and 1050K Dozer models. These machines are designed big enough to handle mass-excavation and road-building tasks, its equally adept at fine grading and site development. You will get more done without a lot of extra effort due to the dual-path hydrostatic (HST) transmission, which will allow you to push a full load through turns without losing material, unlike with torque-converter transmissions.

We have also added the 316GR and 318G Skid Steer to the portfolio. These general-purpose machines might be small in size, but big in results. If you are seeking a bigger, more powerful machine, opt for the 318G with a vertical lift. With more than 100 John Deere attachments available on these Skid Steers, it will enable you to service a wider spectrum of applications.

Saving the biggest for last - the John Deere manufactured Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT’s). The John Deere 310E and 460E ADT’s are built with our customers’ needs in mind. Due to specific features that these machines are equipped with, John Deere can proudly say that our machines are built for the long haul.

Not only does John Deere offer advanced machines, but they offer tools that help better manage your fleet and help improve productivity. JDLink™ is the John Deere telematics system which allows owners and managers to remotely connect to their machinery to help monitor and track operations and productivity. John Deere announced in July 2021 that subscriptions to JDLink™ is free of charge to users.