5 Ways John Deere Supports our Farmers


All our clients across all divisions have one common goal in mind. Whether you are trading in your fleet every three years to remain on the edge of technology or maintaining it for a longer period and gaining full benefit from its practical longevity, your primary goal is to increase profitability.

We thoroughly appreciate and support this notion, knowing full well that we cannot expect to remain in a leading position and effectively serve the whole spectrum of customers with a generic solution. Therefore, we aim to support the needs of each individual farming operation through a wide variety of offerings, products and solutions.

Outlined below are five of the ways that we at John Deere provide ongoing value to our customers, both small and large.

1. Diverse Range of Products and Solutions
Constantly improving and adding to our existing product range, we believe in offering a diverse range of products and solutions to effectively support your unique strengths and makeup of your farming enterprise. Among these products are the new 6B tractor series.

2. Widest Dealer Network in Africa
The John Deere dealer network, and support offered on the products we pride ourselves on, is one of our success stories. The youngest dealer in our initial area of responsibility has been with John Deere for 32 years and we are building similar relationships across the African continent and the Middle East. The effect this consistency brings can indirectly be measured in the resale value of previously owned equipment. This in turn, has resulted in a major positive effect on the cost per tonne produced.

3. Comprehensive After Sales Service & Support
We advise you not to put your machine’s lifespan at risk by unknowingly fitting counterfeit parts on post-warranty equipment. They can also be maintained by a John Deere dealer with an alternative parts range and tiered labour rates. These reduced labour rates on older equipment combined with a 1-year warranty on all alternative parts sold through us, offer you the peace of mind that only John Deere can provide.

With knowledge of the inner workings of your machine, you could search and identify the part you need on a parts catalogue. This is now possible online by entering your serial number or selecting your model on our Customer Parts Catalogue: https://partscatalog.deere.com/jdrc/. This was designed to streamline the process for optimum uptime, ensuring all jobs are completed on time.

4. Cutting-Edge R&D and Technology
With the most advanced technology on your side, optimising your operation to reduce input cost and ultimately, cost per tonne, has never been easier. This does not mean, however, that only our highest specification R-range machines are available.

Our JDLink™ Universal telematics solution, which will give you real-time insight into your machine, and our AutoTrac™ Universal 300 or AutoTrac™ controller that takes over steering through GPS guidance, can work for you on a broader spectrum than only the high specification models. Among these tractors, a good example is the 6000 Series.

You can install the technology on a used 6030 Series tractor, a new 6B or have it integrated from the factory on a 6M and 6R. The 6M also offers integrated basic guidance without the additional cost for a generation 4 display.

New technology on your farm is not only limited to the latest model tractor or sprayer. With the use of existing farming equipment, the addition of the latest telematics solution can also build precision farming capabilities to reduce the cost of pesticides and herbicides while increasing yield.

5. Custom Financial Solutions
When considering cost per tonne, why not make use of the gear effect and incorporate John Deere Financial in your next purchase? Benefit from preferential interest rates and rather reinvest your cash flow in your business to maximise your return.

John Deere Financial also has a diverse range of products and solutions to effectively support your unique requirements when considering the best financial solution for your farming enterprise.

The initial capital outlay to procure the latest equipment and technology may cause the majority of farmers to hold off on the purchase of new equipment. With the assistance provided by John Deere Financial, we can help create the opportunity for you to take that next step towards the latest technology. This results in reducing the asset’s cost of ownership and simultaneously increases productivity and growing tonnage delivered. If you do decide to purchase second-hand equipment from one of our trusted John Deere Dealers, we will be more than willing to provide you with support in acquiring the asset through the full range of financial solutions we have available.

Be assured that John Deere Financial has financial solutions tailored to your specific agricultural needs.


At John Deere, our primary focus is to provide all our clients with the upper hand while remaining competitive in a global commodity market.

From a mechanisation point of view, we at John Deere have identified and implemented strategies over time to ensure we achieve our goal of giving a John Deere client the desired professional edge. With many of our initiatives already bearing fruit and others slowly building momentum, we continue to remain focused on our core values. We understand that this is a journey through an ever-changing world and that there is always room for improvement along the way.

Author: Jaco Beyers

Jaco Beyers, Managing Director at John Deere Africa Middle East has spent 17 years with the brand, most recently as Sales Director Sub-Saharan Africa where he actively drove market share growth and Channel Development across Africa. With his extensive experience in African agriculture, Jaco is passionate about driving solutions for all farming segments on the continent.