As a world leader in agricultural technology, John Deere is focusing on helping farmers to overcome the challenges of farming. That is why the 8R-series of tractors is the largest, strongest and most technologically advanced tractors ever to be put into the market by this international farm equipment manufacturer. These tractors provide remarkable choices and options, allowing each farmer to be more productive with the backing of the latest technology which contributes to an exceptional experience.

Technology is AT the heart of every effective and sustainable agri-business. That is why John Deere has designed the 8R-series to ensure that technology also increases the experience of operating the tractors.

Under existing economic conditions, it makes sense to use every cent wisely. For your equipment to deliver the best results, they must be used to their optimum for your benefit. John Deere is there to help you achieve this goal. Therefore the 8R-tractor provides you with a world class transmission option. With the revolutionary e23™ transmission, you have the option to choose one of three different options, and of which the Efficiency Manager™ is the favorite. With 23 forward gears and 11 reverse gears, the e23™ provides smooth shifting between gears in combination with the desired engine power.

If you are looking for the reliable mechanical pulling power of the PowerShift, as well as the ability of the AutoPowr/IVT, the e23 is the correct option. With 23 forward gears and 11 reverse gears, the e23 combines smooth shift quality with power and response. Automated features like AutoClutch, Efficiency Manager, full AUTO mode, custom mode, and Eco provide AutoPowr/IVT-like precision in a PowerShift transmission.

The 8R-series is available in five wheel tractors and three track models. The internationally award winning 8RX-model is the first fixed-frame four-track tractor and has been specifically designed to protect the soil without impeding efficiency. The tractor boasts the least soil compaction of all models in its class, with a maximum track width of 3 meters.

The 8R range now offers a level of comfort that will allow you to work longer hours, without even noticing it. With the 3 options of Comfort Cab packages - Select, Premium or Ultimate – new clients can look forward to features like air conditioning, leather seats, complete seat swivel to monitor your implements behind the tractor more clearly, a built-in refrigerator, and a Bluetooth compatible sound system. The styling of the 8R-series cab interior puts it in a class of its own. Practical improvements include wider access steps, a lower outside door handle for easy reaching, a bigger door opening angle, and extra headroom.

User convenience is further improved by the Independent-Link Suspension (ILS™) system.  With the ILS™, operators do not have to worry about turning ILS™ on/off, since the John Deere advanced electronic management system knows when to disengage ILS™ automatically.

The ILS™ system gets more power to the ground because the front tyres maintain ground contact pressure. This improves field and transport ride, plus increases ballasting flexibility and drastically decreases the tendency to power hop.

Productivity goes hand in hand with profitability, therefore the John Deere 8R-series now gives more attention to visibility. To allow for longer working hours, the tractor features more lights to illuminate the immediate surroundings of the tractor for nighttime working.  The 360º-LED lighting system is 60% brighter than before. Sunshields for the day and cameras at the front and rear of the tractor are further additions to increase visibility.

Customers can select one of three available transmissions options, with the e23™ Transmission, with Efficiency Manager™ being one of the popular decisions. This versatile transmission allows you to choose the ground speed, while the tractor chooses the gear ratio, maintaining the lowest possible engine speed to suit the terrain.

Clever and practical gear transmission technology makes it easy to operate the 8R-series.  The John Deere Automatic PowerShift transmission with 16 forward gears and 5 reverse gears allows for total operating pleasure. The transmission shifts automatically to lower or higher forward or reverse speeds as required by immediate conditions. If the tractor has to make a headland turn, the transmission will automatically shift down to reduce engine rpm.

The AutoPowr transmission also ensures more pulling power at lower speed, and it is possible to plough more hectares per hour by selecting the desired fuel efficiency for the required operation. At the same time, the re-circulation of exhaust emissions allows for cleaner emission gasses and better fuel efficiency.

Why should you wait and delay? Contact or visit your nearest dealer today to discuss the various options offered by the 8R-series tractors. Take the decision to farm more productively, efficiently and comfortably.