Technology upgrade improves operator experience.

Display of a PC in a John Deere forest machine

New control PCs on John Deere harvesters and forwarders make it easier for operators to access machine controls and increase operational safety by displaying the reverse camera view on a separate screen.

From September 2021, all John Deere wheeled harvesters and forwarders will be equipped with upgraded control PCs in basic (MPC21) or high (HPC21) specification. Harvesters will only be available with the HPC21.

The new PCs are more powerful than their predecessors and come with a more responsive touch screen that is brighter and more scratch resistant as well as being better able to withstand dirt and moisture.

The 14.1" HPC21’s 4 core processor and double-sized RAM memory deliver rapid access to applications and fast start-up and it comes with three USB 3.1 connectors for attachments requiring high power. The 9" MPC21 is faster than the current base PC and also comes with a 4 core processor.

An important change from the previous control PCs is that the optional reverse camera is now displayed on a separate screen at the front of the cabin. This means that when reversing, the operator’s camera view does not obscure maps or any other important information.

On both units the base machine indicators have been moved to the right side of the screen.

The upgraded control PCs also feature a modification to the TimberMatic user interface to make it fit on the new screen with a different aspect ratio.

The TimberMatic Maps application is an important feature of John Deere harvesters and forwarders, providing operators with a real-time production view of the logging site as the data collected by the harvester’s sensors and the GPS based location of the felled timber is automatically transmitted from the harvester to the application for use by the forwarder operator.