Display and CommandARM™ Simulator

This simulator includes Generation 4 CommandCenter™, GS3 2630, GS3 CommandCenter™, and GS2 1800 displays. Refer to the help guide for a list of included machines and implements.

What's New in Version 2.14, February 2017

  • Gen 4 CommandCenter™ 17-1 Update (version 10.8.333-85)
  • Language support for Gen 4 CommandCenter™. The simulator language is set automatically by the computer’s operating system. In English, the display will take about 10 seconds to load, but in other languages it will take about 50 seconds.
  • Users can select between Gen 4 CommandCenter™ SU16-2 and SU17-1 versions in Display Options.

When to use Online versus Offline Simulator

  Online Offline

No internet connection available.


Want to run Gen 4 CommandCenter™


Microsoft Windows® 8 or 10 Computer.


Need to save settings and import/‌export data.


Run Display and CommandARM™ Simulator Online

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, and 10 (32 & 64-bit)
  • 2 Mbps internet connection recommended. Simulator only uses about 0.2 Mbps after startup.

Online-Installation and Help Guide

Video of normal simulator startup with 1775NT planter and GreenStar Rate Controller.

Install this application to connect to the simulator online.

Download Now 

Size <1 MB

Download Simulator to use Offline

  • Only compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7
  • Register after installation to use more than five times
  • Gen 4 CommandCenter™ simulation is no longer available to download for use with offline simulator, due to technical and usability considerations. Gen 4 CommandCenter™ simulation is now only available online.

Offline-Installation and Help Guide

Install this application to use the simulator offline.

Download Now Version 2.14.7, February 2017

Size >200 MB