• Working widths of 3.0 m, 4.6 m and 6.1 m
  • Variable row spacing
  • Single disk for all conditions: no-till, mulch-till, and conventional till
  • Hydraulic down pressure of up to 181,5 kg

The 1590 No-till Drill provides up to 425 pounds of down pressure and 7-degree angle, the 1590’s openers can cut through the toughest residue or thickest soils. Residue flows smoothly and easily, thanks to plenty of clearance between the blade, seed tube, and arm, while the unique seed boot design improves accuracy and durability.


And for accurate, consistent planting rates, the 1590 uses a right-wheel drive meter (center wheel drive on the 20-foot model) that’s hinged at the frame, so it stays in contact with the ground for constant power to the meter drive.


The 1590 No-till Drill is offered in 10-, 15- and 20-foot sizes, with plain grain and fertilizer-grain configurations to accommodate a variety of cropping systems.


No-till, conventional-till, and min-till. If you’re the type of producer who uses whatever tillage approach the soil demands, then you have a couple of options:

1) buy multiple seeding tools to span the range of your cropping practices, or

2) get a 1590 No-till Drill.

Sure, it’s a bold statement, but we make it with confidence; the opener on the 1590 No-till Drill really is made to work in every type of tillage situation.

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