Plate Type Belt Splice

Parts and Service: Plate Type Belt Splice

Our belt splices are one of the strongest on the market – strong enough to pick up a 4 tonne tractor! That’s because every segment is riveted into the belt and the splice is secured with a notched spring-steel pin. In combination with diamond tread belts it provides the strength you need to get you through a tough harvest season – and more.

The Genuine Advantage:

  • Easy, accurate installation thanks to the plate-type design, with preassembled rivets in each plate
  • Increased strength through rivets which lock into the fastener, creating a closed loop locking system.
  • Greater wear resistance because the loop is constructed of cold forged material.Resistant to oxidation with plates and rivets that are made of stainless steel.
  • Resistant to edge pullout because there are two rivets that lock each plate into the belt.
  • Joiner pin locks into splice connection thanks to a notched design.

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