Diamond Thread Baler Belts

Parts and Service: Diamond Thread Baler Belts

See the Difference

  1. First layer of nylon and polyester fabric provides added strength to the belt carcass
  2. Four protective rubber mats seal the separate layers of nylon and polyester fabric
  3. Nylon fabric in the centre runs lengthwise to prevent stretching under heavy load
  4. All layers are vulcanized through a special process
  5. Flat inside layer glides smoothly over rollers without heat build-up

The Genuine Advantage:

  • Three-ply nylon and polyester construction makes the belts stiff enough to resist curling, yet flexible enough to lift the crop off the pick-up teeth and roll tight, uniform-density bales.
  • Rubber backing instead of fabric ensures proper drive tension through the baler’s rollers to help control shock loads.
  • Self cleaning, three-step tread design which allows the dirt to fly off as the belt passes over the rollers and the tread grips the crop to prevent bale slip and reduce chaffing.
  • Built-in wear indicator lets you know when it is time to change the belt before anything happens. The tread design has three individual steps and when it’s worn down to the last step it is time to change the belt.
Belt Roll

Buy Bulk Belts for Maximum Value

Bulk belting is the least expensive way to re-belt your John Deere round baler. Priced by the metre, you can purchase as much or as little as you want. The only other thing you’ll need is the plate-type belt lace to splice the belt together.