The John Deere 6140B CAB Tractor

  • The 6140B Cab Tractor is equipped with the John Deere 6 Cylinder Turbo Charged Tier III engine, incorporating the latest John Deere engine technology.
  • The 6140B complements customer needs in grain, hay and forage, sugar cane, timber, and high-value crop production systems.

BOKSBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, September 2022 - John Deere Africa Middle East recently introduced their 6140B Cab Tractor as an addition to the current 6B model lineup. All farmers can benefit from the stability of this machine, especially those working in primary operations.

What makes the 6140B Cab Tractor different?

This new model is equipped with the John Deere 6 Cylinder Turbo Charged Tier III engine, incorporating the latest John Deere engine technology. This includes; the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, intercooler and heavy-duty Power Core air filter system.

Optimized fuel efficiency, immediate torque response, and supreme engine reliability are all advantages of this state-of-the-art engine technology.

Moreover, this high-quality, well-balanced heavy-duty tractor can execute any application ranging from heavy tillage, planting, spraying, spreading, mowing, baling, and material handling to transport work, providing peace of mind for your operation. This machine can also accommodate implements such as rippers, speed discs, field cultivators, 8-row planters, and sprayers.

Transmission Options

Available in a Standard and Deluxe model, the 6140B Cab Tractor comes equipped with either a 12F/4R TSS 40 km/h transmission with wet clutch or 24F/12R TSS 40 km/h transmission with Hi-Lo, Power Reverser and wet clutch. This allows customers to choose the tractor solution that best fits their farming needs.

Adding to the versatility offered by the transmissions, optimised performance and efficiency are further enhanced by the heavy-duty CAT II 3-point hitch with 5400kg hitch lift capacity, three SCVs with the 200 bar open center constant flow hydraulics, and a 540/100 rpm reversible PTO.

What more can you expect from the 6140B?

  1. Tailored Upgrade

    The 6B's modern cab makes your working environment more pleasant and efficient. The new PowrReverser™, with its tiltable and telescopic steering column, high-performance air conditioning and suspended seat, make every minute in your workplace an enjoyable experience.

  2. Right Balance and Full Flexibility

    Correct weight distribution and flexible ballasting are essential for maximum power transfer and efficient work. The 6B dimensions, structural chassis, wheelbase and ballasting flexibilities make this universal tractor series ready for every job.

  3. Easy Operation

    The electrohydraulic PTO switch provides fingertip control for engagement and disengagement.

  4. Power Reverser Efficiency

    With the new PowerReverser™ transmission, travel direction changes are now comfortable, more convenient and faster for the highest work efficiency.

  5. Perfectly Balanced

    The two power shiftable Hi/Lo gears allow an increase in productivity of up to 15% and an improvement in fuel efficiency of up to 13% during heavy draft applications, thanks to shifting without traction loss.

  6. Servicing

    Service points are easy to access, and the cooling system is easy to clean, thanks to the tilting system units.

    This well-balanced 6140B Cab Tractor with heavy-duty frame offers specification and performance features that fully complement customers needs in grain, hay and forage, sugar cane, timber, and high-value crop production systems.

    To learn more about the new 6 Cylinder 6140B Cab Tractor, visit or contact your local dealer.

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