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Our Higher Purpose

This is the one planet we call home. One place to put down roots and lay foundations.
One place to raise crops, kids, and hopes. One planet with one caveat:
we must all work in harmony with it.

At Deere, we’ve always believed in conducting business conducive to life.
Paving or planting, we shape the spaces that sustain us.
We turn raw materials into machines that advance a chain of livelihoods – from supplier to dealer,
from our customers to their consumers, from ourselves to our communities.
We innovate on behalf of productivity, profitability, and planet – not with solutions
in search of a problem, but with revolutions that elevate all lives in the one world we know.

With the dignity that makes us Deere, we run with nature, run our factories with care,
and run to support the people who trust us and the planet that sustains us.
Working together to design and delight, test and train, outperform and
overcome so life can leap forward.

Nos principes


Close up of female factory worker smiling.

We Live Up to The Legend

From newborns to newlyweds, people celebrate life’s milestones with Deere.

Our name is tattooed onto arms and stamped in history. You can’t invent that kind of regard. You have to earn it. And we do.

Whether you use our equipment every day or you’ve never set foot in it, everyone sees their reflection in a freshly waxed Deere. We shine because whether it moves soybeans or rubble, our iron carries the weight of legend.


Two people building a fence together near a building.

We Serve with Sincerity

Our relationships with farmers, builders, dealers, doers, and each other move us to do the right thing at the right time.

Together, we do it for humble people. Hard-working people. People whose jobs are fundamental to the lives of all people. We look them in the eye, speak the truth, and stand by our customers.

We do good work in good faith, knitted together through relationships that sustain us and the world we call home.


Combine in a field with holographic overlay of harvesting grid with software icons.

We Forge the Cutting Edge

We’re masters at molding hard iron and melding it with hard data. Our solutions are as sophisticated as a precisely seeded field and as concrete as a perfectly graded road.

We’ve always known the fullest potential of each seed, site, and dream lies in our ability to leap forward.

We innovate on behalf of our customers because what we learn is not a byproduct of what we do. It’s the fuel that powers what we can do better.


Close up of crops beginning to grow in the field with sun in background.

We Stay Ever Green

Green runs through our veins and pounds in the hearts of millions. That’s always been a point of pride for us. Now, it’s a call to action.

As stewards of the land, water, and air that sustain us, we know everything we take we must leave better.

For us, sustainability isn’t static. It’s about prioritizing long-term goals over short-term gains and sticking to our true colors, determined to stay ever green.