Four-wheel-drive H423

Ideal for thinning

The H423 has been designed for thinnings and small-size trees. The design goals were ease of use, durability, performance, economy, carefully considered hose routings and easy access to service points. The H423 is equipped with the SuperCut 100S saw unit, which offers reliable chain tensioning and facilitates saw chain replacement.

John Deere H423 harvester head rollers open

H423 harvester head features

  • PEVO valve’s economy, adjustability and control are excellent.
  • Hinged valve block cover and locking with two bolts.
  • Easy access to valve block, grease points and saw chain oil tank.
  • Daily maintenance is quick to perform, as the harvester head position doesn’t have to be changed.
John Deere H423 harvester head

H423 technical specs

  • Ideal for thinnings and fellings where the tree diameter at chest height is 150-350 mm; the smallest diameter is 40 mm and the maximum 500 mm.
  • Hose routing from the boom to the harvester head and from the valve block to the feed motors improves durability and facilitates hose replacement.
  • Weight 955 kg
  • Suitable base machine 1270G