John Deere Financial’s creative financing solution

Agriculture is currently one of the most dynamic sectors to conduct business in. The expected economic growth rate coupled with the growth of the middle class in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the continent’s untapped agricultural potential, present role players in this sector with enormous economic opportunities.

The cost of and access to credit is a source of concern to many a modern agribusiness.

John Deere Financial would like to help producers to overcome this obstacle and as such we support our clients with quick and easy credit processes for the financing of new John Deere equipment.

John Deere Financial’s agricultural asset finance packages are structured according to your specific circumstances and mechanisation requirements. This unique finance option is available for any new farming equipment, subject to purchase at an authorised John Deere dealer.

Key benefits to the farmer

Convenient and flexible repayment structures 
John Deere Financial is familiar with the cyclical nature of agriculture, and that cash flow is the lifeblood of a business. Our finance packages are structured to support a healthy cash flow to promote the growths of your agricultural operation.

Customised solutions for farmers 
We don’t merely sell products. We offer customised solutions that will help you achieve the highest possible level of efficiency. When John Deere Financial structures a finance package, we not only consider the state of balance sheet, but also the production value of the farm as a whole.

Access to a dedicated relationship banker 
Who has the time to queue in a bank? Or to be sent from pillar to post to solve a problem? With John Deere Financial’s finance packages, you’re assigned to a dedicated relationship banker who will focus on your specific banking needs, so that you can direct your attention and spend your time on what you do best – farming.

Flexible lending periods 
Flexibility in terms of the lending period translates into affordability for the farmer. Your relationship manager is on hand to supply you with detailed information on the most advantageous structuring of instalments.

Competitive interest rates on all new John Deere equipment 
John Deere Financial aspires to offer our customers highly competitive interest rates on asset finance.

Product support 
Because we are committed to the highest levels of support to producers of food, John Deere provides ongoing training to our technicians through our dealer network, to ensure continued aftersales support to our customers.

Contact your nearest John Deere Financial marketer or John Deere dealer for more information on John Deere Financial’s custom-made financial packages, and thereby gain a reliable and committed partner in your progress.

Contact details:

Ferdie Marx 
Area Alliance Manager 
John Deere Financial, South Africa