1850Sugar Cane Loader

• Powerful, reliable and low fuel consumption
• Provides flexibility with a powerful John Deere 4045T engine
• Highest-reaching boom and 35% larger grab capacity
• Modular design makes maintenance quicker and easier, reducing downtime and increasing productivity

1850 Cane Loader

Highest reach, largest grab

The John Deere 1850 High-Reach Sugar Cane Loader was designed for maximum efficiency and optimal performance. The 1850 rises to the challenge, increasing productivity with its highest-reaching boom and grab capacity that is 35 percent larger than its predecessor.

The 1850 Loader provides the flexibility of a self-propelled design with a powerful John Deere 4045T engine. The hydrostatic drive provides smooth operation in the toughest conditions. John Deere loaders also offer a modular design, making maintenance quicker and easier, educing downtime and increasing productivity.