The John Deere 2680H High-Performance Disc: For a Faster Field-Finish

The John Deere 2680H High-Performance Disc: For a Faster Field-Finish

At John Deere Africa and Middle East, we understand that residue management after harvest-time is critical for good soil health, and we know that working faster on the fields matters. This is why we are excited to introduce the new 2680H High-Performance Disc, a tillage instrument that has been designed to cover more ground in less time.

Hein Snyman, Tactical Marketing Planner - Corn and Soya at John Deere Africa and Middle East, believes that the high performance speed disc’s versatility and speed is what sets it apart from other discs. “The High-Performance Speed Disc is a simple, straightforward tool that is  ideal for residue management. It can be used to work the field anywhere between 16 - 18 km/h,” says Hein from the John Deere Africa and Middle East head office, “The disc allows our farmers to work their fields and get the job done, a lot faster.”

Versatile and suitable for small and large-scale farms, the new 2680H High-Performance Disc comes in 10 different models:

  • Three unit options in the 2.5 - 3.5m range, single section, hitched on three point and able to till at 5.6ha per hour
  • Three unit options in the 4.6 - 7.3m range, dual section with a hooks drawbar and able to till at 11ha per hour
  • And four unit options in the 9.1 - 13m range, available with three sections and able to till at up to 21ha per hour

When you are considering the model that is suitable for your farm, Hein highlights the ratio of power wattage to length. “Farmers should allow 34.25 kilowatts per meter when selecting the model they want to use for their farm,” says Hein. “By this calculation, I would recommend a 413hp tractor to pull a 9m Disc, or a 597hp tractor to pull a 13m High-Performance Disc.

Below are 8 reasons to simplify residue management with this high speed, high performance tillage solution from John Deere.


      1. Faster, Better Tillage

        The High-Performance Disc, at its optimal speed, can till at speeds of up to 18.5km per hour, effectively managing the residue left behind by wheat, corn, beans or any other crop.

        The design of the High Performance Disc takes speed and productivity into account. Individual arms ensure that the discs cover more ground more efficiently when it is run at its optimal speed, while the disc blades are individually mounted with 25cm spacing to allow for excellent residual flow.

        The High-Performance Disc’s unique suspension system allows for each blade to follow the contours of the ground. With 23cm of leeway, these blades are able to smoothly travel over large obstructions before moving back to their original position. The 17 degree front and 14 degree rear plate angles provide aggressive horizontal soil movement, which allows for faster sediment breakdown and streamlined tillage.


      2. Better Soil Management

        The High-Performance Disc quickly and efficiently chops, breaks and returns the residue into the soil to fertilize and hold moisture in the field more effectively.

        Use less fertilizer when you use the new disc from John Deere.


      3. Less Downtime - More Farmtime!

        The High-Performance Disc is easy to maintain with sealed bushings and bearings that  eliminate the need to lubricate on a daily basis.

        “Farmers don’t need to grease the bearings and bushings every morning and evening or replace them anywhere near as often because they are sealed,” says Hein. “Making life easier, with less downtime, and saving money.”

        The disc comes standard with a cage roller that is larger than the cages offered by other brands. Its wider spacing reduces stoppage time and clogging in the cage when used at the optimal speed.


      4. Easy to Hitch & Transport

        The disc has a hydraulic jack that allows you to hitch and unhitch it from your tractor, without assistance - it is easy to reverse, lift, hook and lower, minimising the need for multiple hands.

        Hein believes that this feature is another aspect that sets the High-Performance Speed Disc apart from other machines of this size: “The hydraulic jack allows you to hitch the tool onto your tractor without needing multiple hands. This means that an individual can hook and unhook the machine on his or her own. This is in contrast to other tools of this size, most of which have manual jacks which require multiple workers,” says Hein. “Another way this disc saves time and ultimately money.”

        The sides of the disc can easily be folded up so that the disc can be transported around the farm or on roads with limited chance of damage.


      5. Adjustable Depth Control

        Easy and adaptable depth control allows you to till at a depth between 50 - 150mm depending on the needs of your field as well as the speed you want to work at.

        Hein believes that this adjustable depth control is another feature that sets the High-Performance Disc apart from other discs: “The tool’s depth control means that it doesn’t cut the field deeper than it needs to. This makes it a faster, more effective tool than other tools of the same size, while still getting the job done.”

        Set your depth quickly and easily, simply remove the set clamps for a deeper till or replace them for a shallow till.


      6. Service & Maintenance

        The 2680H High-Performance Disc’s planned maintenance is conducted by a John Deere technician who is able to service both implements and machines, making serviceability and farm equipment maintenance more efficient, with less downtime waiting for specific technicians to be available.   

        With John Deere’s easily recognisable green machinery and implements, servicing and maintaining tractors and tools is so much easier. “Pre-season inspections and maintenance is more efficient when farmers are able to access green implements in support of their machines,” says Hein. “Farmers are able to arrange services and purchase spares from one technician. The technician who services your John Deere tractor is able to service all of your John Deere implements. This reduces the downtime, time and effort that it usually takes for farmers to maintain farm machinery and equipment.”


      7. Less Ground Compaction

        High floatation tyres come standard on John Deere’s 2680H High-Performance Disc. The tyres’ large surface area assists in distributing the weight of the machinery on the field and reduces ground compaction which in turn allows for easier soil tillage.


      8. Reduce Overlap

        The 2680 High-Performance Disc’s compact, simplified design closely follows the contour of your field’s terrain to leave behind a consistent field finish and reducing overlap.

        Another feature of the 2680H High-Performance Disc is its ability to be paired with the innovative AutoTrac™ system. “Farmers who have AutoTrac™ installed on their tractors that are paired with this tool will be able to use it to prevent any overlapping in the field,” says Hein. “Thus giving farmers the optimal pass-to-pass accuracy.”


The John Deere EDGE

At John Deere we are dedicated to providing our farmers with the equipment that they need to make farming simpler and more productive than ever before.

The High Performance Disc spends less time on the ground which means that you save valuable hours while reducing your bottom line by reducing operator costs and minimising the wear and tear on your tractor.


Pre Order your High Performance Disc

John Deere continues to demonstrate our commitment to helping you source the products that you need to farm more efficiently in the 21st century.

“With the first shipment of John Deere 2680H High-Performance Discs set to arrive in South Africa in late July or mid-August, farmers can anticipate to have the High-Performance Disc in the field before the first harvest,” says Hein.

Contact your nearest dealer to pre order the 2680H High-Performance Disc today.