Get S.M.A.R.T with John Deere: T for “Technology and Education”

John Deere empowers new era farmers in Africa and the Middle East through our S.M.A.R.T campaign.

As mechanisation continues to be at the forefront of modern agricultural operations, the increased need for technology and information building has become apparent. The difficulty lies in the fact that the majority of new era farmers have not been exposed to technology or don’t have access to the right technology that will help them farm efficiently and effectively; driving down costs and increasing outputs.

African Farming alongside John Deere New Business Development Manager Zabion de Wee, a seasoned new era farmer, continues to explore the acronym S.M.A.R.T and how the related model can effectively educate and benefit farmers throughout the continent.

In the episode below, they discuss T - “Technology and Education”.

Limited Technological Knowledge

Agriculture is one of the most advanced sectors to conduct business in today. The advent of mechanised farming and the use of technology has provided a wealth of benefits to the agricultural sector. 

The advent of technology has also introduced challenges that are particularly felt by new era farmers; these challenges are presented in the form of limited technical knowledge and understanding. 

John Deere understands the need to bridge this gap and so we work with each farmer on an individual basis, introducing them to the relevant technology to drive their business forwards. We roll out our technology to meet the needs and level of understanding pertaining to each client. 

An example of this would be in supplying our new era farmer with a 5 series tractor equipped with advanced mechanical technology that will actively support their farming needs, and assist with growth.

John Deere | Peritum Agri Institute

We understand that new era farmers can sometimes be new to the world of agriculture and the processes required to run a successful farming operation. Through our partnership with the Peritum Agri Institute, we endeavour to provide new era farmers with access to the proper education and tailor-made training related to the management of their agricultural operations.

Peritum Agri Institute is a knowledge company that is committed to creating a sustainable future for agriculture by providing fully accredited future-focused skills and training programmes. Some of Peritum’s programmes on offer include Research & Text Analysis, Crop Production, Farm Staff Management, Farm Business Management, Farm Financial Management and more. Peritum also offers agriculturally-approved training on the operation of John Deere machines.

John Deere, in partnership with the Peritum Agri Institute, are looking to open up a world of possibilities for farmers and all who are involved in the agricultural industry.
We understand the adage: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand”. It is for this reason, that we recommend enrolling operations and mechanisation service contractors in specialised courses to develop the appropriate skills.

The Value of Education

We know that the development and advancement of technology is exponential; that the machines of years past are far different from the tractors of today, and that in a few years that could change again. We understand the importance of determining your production, optimising your product and increasing the longevity of your equipment.

Through our partnership with Peritum, we are able to assist new era farmers by providing them with this knowledge, ultimately helping them to streamline their farming needs from tillage to harvest, improving yield. 

This partnership does not only benefit our clients, Peritum has programmes that are used to educate and train John Deere staff, our dealers and even students looking to enter into the agricultural industry.

We are committed to the future of agriculture; through proper training and education we are certain to improve not only the success of our client’s operations, but the sustainability of the agricultural sector and food security for generations to come.

Get S.M.A.R.T with John Deere

Through the implementation of our SMART campaign model, we want to provide efficient solutions for new era farmers to assist them in cultivating successful agricultural operations. We are focused on stimulating the growth of small-scale agricultural operations and promoting mechanisation by giving new era farmers access to our nationwide network of authorised dealer touchpoints and after-sales service. By bridging the gap in the growing need for mechanisation, we can also contribute to job creation in the process.

Through John Deere Financial, we can provide our clients with access to a variety of finance packages that can be tailored to their specific needs, mitigating the cost of running extensive operations in the agricultural industry. John Deere can continue to cultivate a sense of trust and reliability with our clients by fulfilling our promise on the delivery of quality products and service. By strengthening our growing partnership with Peritum Agri Institute, we can provide new era farmers with access to the proper education and training related to the management of their agricultural operations.

Through the power of our collective efforts, we can unlock the continent’s hidden agricultural potential and ensure food security while promoting job creation, resulting in improved livelihoods for the people of Africa and the Middle East.

Together we can achieve more for our continent.

For more information on the John Deere S.M.A.R.T model, please visit the John Deere S.M.A.R.T Blog.