Get S.M.A.R.T with John Deere: R for “Reliability for Lower Cost”

As a company that has existed for generations, we at John Deere have a reputable name in the agricultural sector, specifically when it comes to reliability. Fostering professional relationships and assisting farmers at every stage of the journey, John Deere, through our quality products and service, have always put our customer’s trust first, consistently delivering reliable, quality products that stand up to our brand promise.

African Farming alongside John Deere New Business Development Manager Zabion de Wee, a seasoned new era farmer, further explores the acronym S.M.A.R.T and how the related model can positively benefit and influence farmers throughout the continent.

In the below episode, they discuss R - “Reliability for Lower Cost”.

Generations of Service

John Deere has earned a reputation for both reliability and quality across the globe, it is for this reason that our company stood the test of time. In regard to how reliable and effective our machines are, our track record speaks for itself; we have been around for more than 187 years with over 60 years invested into South African farming - and most recently across Africa and the Middle East.

Aside from our quality products, what truly makes John Deere so reliable, is our renowned aftermarket service. By garnering a client relationship that spans three or four generations, we focus on supporting our farmers throughout the entire process.

Founded On Quality

At John Deere, the company and everything that surrounds us is based on quality. We never compromise on quality, a principle put forth by our founding fathers. After 187 years, we still strongly believe in that principle, continually subjecting our products to robust testing before any stock enters the market; we never spare expenses on testing our product so that we can ensure all our clients are perpetually satisfied with the final product.

Our equipment solutions are engineered to withstand the unrelenting farming conditions of the African continent, based on country-specific needs.

Beyond Quality: A Sustainable Solution for the Future

We understand that quality and reliability should be commonplace when delivering on any service or product, especially in the agricultural sector. We seek to go beyond quality and place a significant focus on sustainability. John Deere understands the necessity for farming, but we also know that farming done wrong can negatively impact the land and environment from a sustainability standpoint. We invest a great deal of time, effort, and money into proper research, to ensure that sustainability is a factor in all that we offer at John Deere; an example of this would be in the fuel-efficient technology that goes into our engines.

Cost Savings: Reliability, Fuel Efficiency, and Operator Comfort

There is a golden thread that runs through each component of our mechanisation efforts, including:

  • We ensure that our machine offerings are robust and well-built to suit all working conditions under difficult terrain.
  • Our equipment solutions are built using cutting-edge technology that ensures high performance combined with excellent fuel efficiency. We deliver the power our farmers require, even in the most difficult working conditions.
  • We guarantee maximum machine operator comfort to ensure long productive hours in the field. This is made possible through the ergonomic design of the machines that were built with the operator in mind.

At our core, John Deere is a generational product that has been cultivated and refined from one generation to the next. John Deere is more than just a brand, it has become a part of the culture of agriculture.

For more information on the John Deere S.M.A.R.T model, look out for our next article where we will be discussing T - “Technology and Education”.