15 Ways to Ensure you Choose the Best Agricultural Financial Services Provider:

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A Checklist for Farmers

Your finances need to work just as hard as you do and as hard as your equipment, which is why we’ve prepared this handy checklist for you to use when deciding who to approach for your next agricultural loan.

The ideal agricultural service provider should:

  • Have an extensive dealer network with a dealership close to you
  • Have dedicated financial representatives that understand agriculture because it’s what they do, and it’s where they come from
  • Be quick to a yes
  • Make it easy to apply
  • Make finance affordable
  • Be able to make recommendations based on their experience in the industry
  • Be able to customise the loan to suit your needs, not off-the-shelf offers
  • Have a good, global reputation
  • Know what’s going to work because they’ve seen it work before
  • Have financed agricultural loans for more than 15 years
  • Value service above anything
  • Be backed by equipment and technology that will help you scale and grow
  • Fewer rules and restrictions
  • Enable and empower you, the customer

If your financial partner doesn’t tick all of the boxes above, then you’re with the wrong financial institution.

John Deere Financial ticks every box and more.

This is why, year after year, John Deere Financial has emerged as the farmer’s financial partner of choice. We offer value that no other lender can - a deep understanding of agriculture, unparalleled expertise around ag equipment and technology, and customised financial solutions - not off-the-shelf products.

Nobody knows and understands your business better than you do, unless it’s your John Deere Dealer. With the largest footprint of dealers in Africa and the Middle East, we are able to quickly arrange finance that’s fit for purpose, so ask yourself, who else gets agriculture like we do?

John Deere Financial.

Finance built for you.