Well-known for its full-frame design, comfort and capabilities, the 6M tractors have earned the reputation as definitive all-rounders - and with good reason; this series of tractors are designed to complement everything you do perfectly.


Suitable for all primary fieldwork applications, you can choose between 110 to 195-horsepower engine options and three different gearboxes.

With increased night-time visibility and LED lighting that provides 360° visibility, you can work day or night to make your operation work for you. The 6M also features a panoramic roof with improved side and rear glass panels.

A comfortable operator is a safer, more alert and more productive operator, and the cab of the 6M is the ideal workplace to spend your valuable time.

Features like CommandARM™ are designed with the operator in mind and allow for swivelling speed controls so you can keep your armrests down. The selective valves are at 45 degrees to an ergonomic angle, making it easy on operators while still providing excellent control over machinery.


Precision farming starts with guidance. It points the way to measurable reductions in the volumes of seed, fertiliser and chemicals required by positioning your machines with reliable accuracy.

Now, you can be unstoppable when you combine your 6M tractor with the latest in John Deere Precision Ag Technology, designed to work perfectly together.

Display Hardware

Set up the easy-to-use display navigation available on the 4240 John Deere Universal Display:

  • Limit repeat work by connecting with and sharing data between two or more machines in your field, allowing them to avoid certain areas and limit unnecessary work.
  • While working in your field, document areas that need special attention or where any objects or obstructions such as rocks, lines, or weed pressure need to be avoided. This plays a considerable role in protecting your equipment from damage.
  • With Remote Display Access, your dealer can remotely help you with machine settings, troubleshoot potential issues and reduce downtime in your operation.

StarFire™ 6000 Receiver Hardware

Work smarter with the John Deere StarFire™ 6000 Receiver that provides satellite-based guidance to the tractor with selectable accuracy options to improve productivity in your farming operation.

  • Maintain signal in all types of areas and under challenging weather conditions with quick recovery should your signal be lost.
  • Reduce crop damage with a minimum of 15cm horizontal pass to pass accuracy during any season - also upgradable to 2.5cm accuracy.
  • Protect your StarFire™ receiver against theft by locking your receiver with a security pin.
  • Moreover, you can use your receiver on any equipment in your fleet.


Save time and money with John Deere AutoTrac™, a hands-free assisted steering solution with a complete advantage of intuitive guidance. This system masters straight and curved tracks and works perfectly without complications, even in low visibility situations.

The AutoTrac™ system will increase user productivity by reducing input costs and boosting efficiency:

  • Reduce input costs by up to 8%* while increasing your productivity by up to 14%*.
  • Cover more ground, reducing overlaps and maximising inputs.
  • Create accurately spaced rows, which can reduce crop damage.
  • Work in tough and low visibility conditions like dust, fog, and even after sunset.
  • Reduce your operator's fatigue by letting AutoTrac™ take over control of the steering.

*From “Lohnunternehmen” 1/2010 **From “Landtechnik” 6/2006


Take control of your operation with JDlink™, the John Deere machine monitoring solution providing information on machine health, utilisation, and productivity.

John Deere offers customers JDLink™ connectivity at no additional charge with no subscription needed.

  • Have continuous access to your machine data, team, advisors, equipment and John Deere Dealer.
  • Manage your operation at any time, from anywhere.
  • Remotely locate your fleet and receive real-time alerts to prevent downtime.
  • Monitor fuel consumption, track work progress and optimes machine operation.

Contact your nearest John Deere Dealer today to learn more about the technology available on the 6M Series Tractors, and how it will assist your operation.

Whatever you’re taking on, your 6M is ready to take it on with you.