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Why John Deere

Why anywhere else?

If you strive to do great work, excel in creative environments, thrive in teams, and live for problem solving — this is the place for you. At John Deere, your ideas, experiences, and values matter. And, you're rewarded in ways that matter: through opportunities for career growth; through experiences in an inclusive, diverse culture; and, yes, through outstanding compensation and benefits programs. Why work at John Deere? Why anywhere else?


No matter who you are — what race, what religion, what gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation — you are welcomed at John Deere.

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Employee Resource Groups

At John Deere, we recognize Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as a global competitive advantage to accelerate business results. Our ERGs are defined as company-sponsored, employee-run organizations formed around a common dimension of diversity, interest, or experience that affects the workplace. John Deere ERGs serve as resources to the business, while also bringing together individuals with shared interests. Their efforts address three key focus areas – employee, community and business.


The WomenREACH Employee Resource Groups work to create an enriching business environment that enables women and men to reach their full potential at John Deere.

WomenREACH provides a diverse network of individuals an opportunity to work together and understand one another. Programming provides members with practical experience to improve skills, learn business acumen, become educated about Deere's products and customers and work on events that impact our greater community.

WomenREACH Employee Resource Groups

Des Moines Area, Iowa
Fargo/Valley City, North Dakota
Horicon, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Olathe, Kansas
Ottumwa, Iowa
Quad Cities, Illinois/Iowa
Raleigh (Cary), North Carolina
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Waterloo, Iowa

Picture of John Deere employee Cathy

"I am continually looking for ways to raise my leadership lid.  I look for ways every day to broaden my knowledge and skill set to make me a valued and impactful employee for this awesome company.  I intentionally choose and make time to participate in events, lead events, and be a member of the WomenREACH committees.  I feel with these skills I can also develop others and this is a very satisfying endeavor."
– Cathy, Enterprise Cost Management Specialist

Picture of John Deere employee Cathy

"As a female engineer, I have lots of choices for organizations to be involved in. WomenREACH connected with my personal goals: improve others and my leadership skills, grow to better understand the John Deere brand, customer base, and business, and build relationships with others who I would typically not meet in an engineering role. Since joining REACH in 2014, I have been privileged to work with REACH women and men to generate ideas and create events to make our employees more informed and better leaders."
– Kim, Energy Engineer

Picture of John Deere employee Cathy

"My career with John Deere has taken me through many different functional areas, and yet developmentally I have gaps that I do not have an opportunity to improve in my present role. As an individual contributor, I would like to take on a management role in the future. Without supervisory experience, that next step is difficult. By being a leader in WomenREACH I am able to get leadership experiences that close gaps and help me to grow in my career with John Deere."
– Becky, Process Pro


The Multicultural/Ethnicity Employee Resource Groups promote the value that all of our cultures bring to the organization through education, community support, and cultural events.

Multicultural/Ethnicity Employee Resource Groups

  • Quad Cities Black Employee Resource Group
  • Quad Cities Community of Latinos Offering Resources & Support (COLORS)
  • Quad Cities International Cultural Exchange
  • Dubuque Multicultural Awareness Group
  • Johnston Multicultural
  • Quad Cities LOTUS (Asian / Pacific Islander)
  • Madison Multicultural Employee Resource Group
  • Raleigh (Cary) Multicultural
  • Thibodaux Multicultural Employee Resources & Global Expansion

"I joined COLORS with intent to grow personally. Joining the group has given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. Through the group's activities I've been able to grow my communication, and interpersonal skills. In addition, it has also led me into volunteering opportunities in the community and in area I have personal interested, disadvantaged children education."
– Carlos, Technology Solutions Architect

Carlos, Technology Solutions Architect

Common Interest

The Common Interest Employee Resources Groups are organized around an area of interest that affects the workplace.

Common Interest Employee Resource Groups

  • Quad Cities Military
  • Quad Cities New & Experienced Organization Network (NEON)
  • John Deere Financial Military Network
  • Dubuque New & Experienced Organization Network
  • Parent & Caregiver Connection
  • Rainbow Resource Group (LGBT & Allies)
  • Women in Operations
  • Teleworkers Unlimited
  • .EDU
portrait: Maggie, NEON Chair

"NEON has helped me get to know Deere and the Quad City Area. Moving here, I was straight out of college and knew no one. I heard about the group through coworkers and began attending events. I met many other new employees in the same position I was, and these people became great friends. Because NEON helped me transition from college to the working world at Deere, I wanted to give back to the group. NEON has now provided me various committee lead roles to help me develop leadership skills so early in my career."
– Maggie, NEON Chair

portrait: Maureen, HR Data Management Specialist

"Being a member of Teleworkers Unlimited (TU) employee resource group has proven valuable in increasing my engagement with the business. Our TU activities support work-life management which helps John Deere attract and retain top talent. It feels good to know my efforts within TU are helping other employees and the company at large. At the same time, my association with TU has provided unforeseen personal benefit. Working remotely could be isolating, but TU has enabled me to increase my network through the Buddy Break program, contribute through volunteerism, participate in employee development activities, stay up-to-date with technology, and improve my communication and leadership skills through chairing a subcommittee. Our company provides an array of flexible work arrangements and I'm happy to be able to work within TU to help foster awareness and increase acceptance of teleworking, and to provide an important supportive resource for John Deere teleworkers."
– Maureen, HR Data Management Specialist

portrait: Janna, Instructional Designer

"Being involved in the Parent and Caregiver Connection (PCC) employee resource group has provided me an opportunity to develop skills that I wouldn't normally get from my day-to-day job responsibilities. I have had the opportunity to lead/manage employees, influence without authority, and have a positive impact on the enterprise. This has been a great way for me to continue to grow as an employee, network with other leaders, and bring my enhanced skillsets to my current position. I greatly appreciate that John Deere has these types of opportunities for their employees."
– Janna, Instructional Designer

portrait: Angie, Business Analyst

"Rainbow is John Deere's ERG for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees and straight allies. Serving on the steering team for this fantastic group has helped me to become a better advocate for myself and other LGBT colleagues. It has afforded me the opportunity to consult with decision makers and influence policy at John Deere. When LGBT employees can come to work as their authentic selves with confidence that they are valued and respected, we all benefit."
– Angie, Business Analyst