Marine Engines

To head out to sea in safety, there is nothing more important than a sturdy, powerful engine that you can count on in any situation. 

When out at sea, the slightest engine damage or fault can be so much more dangerous than on land.

Since 1975, John Deere, the off-highway diesel engine specialist, has also been developing customised solutions for boat owners with the added advantage of tried and tested industrial expertise and a vast, reliable network worldwide. Thanks to their outstanding torque, proven robustness, fuel consumption - one of the lowest on the market - and easy maintenance, our engines are your best bet day in and day out. This is why more and more people are choosing John Deere throughout the world.


Whether fishing, working in ports, transporting passengers or rescuing those in trouble, you should be able to rely on the most essential tool – your boat’s engine - any time, anywhere and regardless of the weather conditions.

Whether you’re relaxing on your yacht or enjoying a day on your sportfish boat - worrying about your propulsion or generator drive engine is the last thing you want to do. That’s why recreational boat owners throughout the world have been relying on John Deere engines for more than 30 years.


Generator sets

For auxiliary power from 40 to 417 kW (54 to 559 hp), John Deere generator drive engines deliver quiet, smooth operation that never lets you down. You may even forget they are aboard until you turn on the lights or plug in an appliance. This quiet reliability is why John Deere has become the preferred provider of generator drive engines worldwide, producing more engines in our power range for marine generators than any other manufacturer. They are available in 1500 rpm for 50 Hz and 1800 rpm for 60 Hz configurations.

Generator Sets