• Rigid and flexible heads meet the requirements of customers for any crop or terrain
  • 6.8l John Deere Power engine is highly reliable
  • Turbo-charger delivers high operating efficiency
  • Large glass areas ensure an excellent view to the header and into the grain tank
  • Four-speed transmission increases operating efficiency
  • Extended maintenance cycle and maximised uptime due to the rotary screen in front of the engine


The John Deere W230 combines also have a strong heritage and the same genes as their larger peers in the John Deere combine family. They are well suited for all small grains, sorghum, millet, rape seed, corn, beans and other crop. Their excellent efficiency, fuel economy, performance and quality quickly pay back your investment.

Product modules and features has been compiled for worldwide circulation with general information, pictures, and descriptions of features not available in all countries. In some countries, products and accessories may require modifications or additions to ensure compliance with local regulations. Contact your local John Deere dealer for details.