S-Series Combines

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Introducing John Deere Tracks

Now your ability to get into your fields sooner is easier than ever. Reach a road transport speed of almost 25 miles per hour with our new John Deere Tracks. Our suspended track system provides a smoother ride with better ground following. This makes for more comfortable harvesting days and lets you finish faster.

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4600 CommandCenter Display

The 4600 Display delivers easy and intuitive run screens. Shortcut buttons lets you customize and quickly toggle between run pages. Plus, the Extended Monitor works with your 4600 Display to give you more real estate for viewing.

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Combine Advisor™ with ActiveVision™ cameras

This package includes 7 automation technologies to maintain the performance settings you choose - no matter the moisture or crop conditions. The ActiveVision cameras use cameras on the clean grain elevator and tailings elevator to help you see what's going on.

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Manual calibrations can take up to 90 minutes, but with ActiveYield, it's done with no time or effort away from harvest and will save you time every day. Automatic calibrations occur as you're running, sensing the weight of the grain in the tank as it fills and continually calibrating the yield system, giving you more accurate field mapping.

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John Deere Operations Center

Getting the best yield data is only useful if you can easily access and share it. With the John Deere Operations Center, you can turn your data into information that will make next year's harvest even better. Plus, with more than 75 connected software tools, including the major farm management systems used by agronomists, you can make the most out of your data.

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JDLink™ Connect

Your S700 Combine comes with one year of JDLink Connect and no cost, which opens an automatic, wireless information pipeline between you and your equipment. Agronomic data and as-applied data can be accessed from anywhere and shared if needed. And sending your data from the field immediately and automatically can prevent you from losing data.

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John Deere Connected Support

S700 Combines come with built-in technology to sense potential issues and alert you - or your dealer - when there's a concern. With Connected Support, you get Remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer. You can monitor machine fuel levels, location history, receive alerts and view the in-cab display remotely.

Compare our S-Series Combines

Combine Models


ModelsHPEngineGrain Tank SizeUnloading RateTotal Cleaning AreaSeparator Type

239/249 kW 320/333 hp

9.0 L/548 cu in.

10,600 L/300 bu

116.3 L/s/3.3 bu/sec

5.1 m2/7,905 sq in.


292/278 kW 391/373 hp

9.0 L/548 cu in.

10,600 L/300 bu

116.3 L/s/3.3 bu/sec

5.1 m2/7,905 sq in.


353 kW/473 hp

13.5 L/824 cu in.

14,100 L/400 bu

135 L/s/3.8 bu/sec

5.9 m2/9,145 sq in.


405 kW/543 hp

13.5 L/824 cu in.

14,100 L/400 bu

135 L/s/3.8 bu/sec

5.9 m2/9,145 sq in.


75 kW/100 hp

John Deere 4039, 4 Cylinders, Turbo Charged

2,700 L/76 bu


2.45 m2/3,798 sq in.

Straw walker with 8 wing beater and beater grate

Put Precision Ag to work for you all year long

Inside view of cab controls in combine

Integrated technology for your combine

On an S700 Series Combine, the technology isn't just on-board, it's fully integrated. From the 4600 CommandCenter™ Display and Extended Monitor to JDLink Connect, your combine seamlessly connects the machine and agronomic information you collect during harvest and after to the John Deere Operations Center, where you can view your yield data to make better informed decisions.

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700D and 700FD Drapers

The S-Series Combines are equipped with new advances that create the perfect balance between front-end equipment and machine power, so together they can deliver stable, consistent performance with every pass.

700c series corn heads

700C Series Corn Heads

Designed for superior gathering performance when harvesting standing, down or lean crop.

Be efficient and productive

Power, grain quality, and efficiency are not mutually exclusive. The S-Series combines deliver on all, and then some.

Combine with 400-Bushel Grain Tank moving through crops

400-bushel Grain Tanks

The more your grain tank can hold the less time you spend unloading. That's why the new S780 and S790 models feature a robust 400-bushel grain tank designed to hold more, so you can bang out the acres, fast.

Image of tailing system detail

Active Tailing System

Thanks to the Active Tailings System, a new feature dedicated to the two largest models, capacity and efficiency are at its optimum. This new system increases separator capacity by providing the opportunity for additional threshing of the return grain, if necessary. The tailings are evenly distributed to the cleaning shoe while you keep harvesting.

Top view photo of cab

Spacious Premium Cab

Roomy, comfy, and with all the amenities you need. Deluxe S-Series cab turns ordinary operator station to luxury mobile home. Best-in-class views and lighting. Convenient controls. Well-appointed technology. And new optional package featuring leather steering wheel and lumbar supported leather seat.

view of cab with covers in place

Folding Grain Tank Covers/Extensions

Now you can stay in your seat, and with the push of a button, control your grain tank covers and the loading auger from your CommandArm™.

cleaning system

High-performance Cleaning System

We gave the S-Series cleaning system a larger cleaning shoe and unique, multi-leveled design that increases the capacity and reduces sensitivity to slopes while still delivering quality results.

GoHarvest App Icon Image

GoHarvest App

Choose the model of your combine and the type of crop and receive suggested initial settings for the task at hand. Also features the ability to save notes and photos for reference in changing conditions.

Combine Parts in front of Combine

Harvesting Parts & Attachments

Find diagrams to help identify the part you need or view parts pricing and availability.