BREAKING NEWS: Free Tractor Operator Training with Every New John Deere Tractor Purchased

Free Tractor Operator Training
  • Free SETA-certified tractor operator training will be provided.
  • Operator training will apply to ALL new John Deere Tractors bought by a customer between 01 November 2022 and 31 October 2023, with the tractor delivered to the customer during this time.
  • This program will only be available in South Africa.

BOKSBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, November 2022 - Unlock farmer profitability with the new training program from John Deere South Africa. Between 1 November 2022 and 31 October 2023, every new tractor purchased and delivered will receive free SETA-certified operator training. This applies to all John Deere tractor models.

Why Tractor Training?

John Deere understands the importance of profitability for each farming operation and that the right training and proper use of equipment can exponentially increase margins for farmers.

John Deere is committed to helping farmers get the most out of their new tractor purchases, ultimately increasing their productivity and ensuring a safer work environment for all operators.

This is an excellent opportunity for South African farmers looking to purchase new tractors in the upcoming year and wish to add value to their operations that will last for years.

What Will the Tractor Training Entail?

Operators will be trained on the following;

  1. Legal Requirements
  • The National Road Traffic Act of 1998.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  1. Starting up and Driving
  • Knowing the controls and instruments.
  • Daily checks needed before starting.
  • Applying daily safety checks.
  • The correct seating position for operators.
  • The correct starting-up procedure to follow. 
  1. Operation of a Tractor
  • General driving guidelines.
  • Driving on public roads.
  • Stopping the machine correctly.
  • Hitching of implements.
  • PTO shafts.
  1. Safety
  • Tractor accident causes.
  • Applying shutdown safety.
  • Applying refueling safety.
  • Applying safety when hitching implements.
  • Applying safe slope operations.
  • The responsibility of the driver in case of an accident.
  1. General Maintenance
  • Shutting down the machine correctly.
  • Fault resolution.

The Training Process

Once a tractor is purchased and delivery, within the specified timeframe (01 November 2022 – 31 October 2023), has been arranged, the relevant John Deere Dealer will arrange training with each customer.

Training will be for a full day and the training curriculum indicated above will be covered. Training of operators in a specific area in the country will be grouped (maximum 15 operators per day) and training will be conducted in sets of a full working week. This will impact the timing of when training will be done in a specific area and training delay might be up to 6 months after date of tractor delivery.

Only one operator can be trained for each new tractor purchased. Additional operator training can be arranged, but associated cost thereof should be discussed with the Dealer.

Terms and Conditions

Find the full terms and conditions for the “Free Operator Training” program here.

 Find Out More

 For more information about this program, contact John Deere at or your local John Deere dealer.

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